A Killer Paradox Based On True Story? 

Although most of us are afraid of them, sometimes accidents can be miracles too. A Killer Paradox tell us such a story in this new series. But, is A Killer Paradox based on true story? 

The story revolves around the life of a ordinary man who works very hard. Even after staying focused on honesty one day he accidentally commits a crime. Apart from telling you if A Killer Paradox is based on true story or not, we will let you know everything else about this web series.

A Killer Paradox Based On True Story? Let’s Find Out

Over all these years I am sure all of us have gone through at least one True crime documentary. Even if not a documentary I am sure you have watched at least one series that revolves around the criminal. It entirely focuses on the wrath of the antagonist. It further shows us how the criminal has committed a sin and happens to be a dangerous element in the society. These type of web shows only portray the bad effect of sins. In fact, in the comic books or movies, we can mainly get black Or white characters based on their deeds. But this Korean drama show aims to change these all. 

A Killer Paradox happens to be one of the newest shows that are streaming out there. The story of this series revolves around the life of a man that turns absolutely upside down after an accident. Being a man with high morals, he commits something that makes him suffer until everything is revealed. Of course his life is changed, but the series takes us through an incredible journey filled with suspense. The element of suspense is one of the key factors behind the amount of attention this K drama got from the audience. And that’s why, it has received such a high rating on IMDb. 

Everyone who have completed watching this series want to know more about the plot. So, is A Killer Paradox based on true story? Or is this entirely fictional? If you think A Killer Paradox is based on true story, it is not. This is a live action version from the superhit webtoon with the same title. Considering how relatable the false conviction angle works in real life you might think that it is real. Even in the web tone the makers did the best to keep up with this suspense. But even if you think A Killer Paradox is based on true story, you are wrong.

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A Killer Paradox: A Grey Vigilante Searching For Light 

Have you ever been in one of those situations when you cannot currently figure out what to do next? Well, it appears that Lee is also trying to figure this out amidst this cat and mouse chase. Hold on, because in this next part we will take you through a short recap of the storyline. If you have already finished watching this series then you know the plot already. For others, who are yet to go through the episodes, you might not want to scroll further. 

This Korean drama starts by showing us about the life of a man named Lee Tang. He is a hardworking individual who have always dreamt of going to Canada and have a life there. It’s not easy to accumulate wealth and savings but Lee is trying his best. Unfortunately 6 months ago he has lost his job at the Army for some reason. Lee is now a veteran, but life is extremely hard for him. During the day he works at a convenience Store – he earns such low wages that he still depends on his parents. He was already struggling but Lee’s life just became more complicated. 

During one of his shift at night Lee got into an altercation with one of the customers. Things started going out of hand pretty soon and after certain point, Lee could not hold it back any longer. Well protesting after getting assaulted, Lee accidentally murders him. From that point onward leave field this wave of remorse and regret. Just a few moments before he was going to turn himself in he discovered something. The customer was a serial killer who lost his life in the hands of Lee. While he keeps killing other unpunished men, detective Jang Nan-gam keeps digging.

Cast Of Killer Paradox And Official Streaming Platform Of This Korean Drama Series

Choi Woo-shik plays the role of Lee Tang, the vigilante who is raining hard on the guilty. Son Suk-ku is Detective Jang Nan-gam, who is shrewd and strategic when it comes to finding out criminals. Other notable cast members include Lee Hee-joon, Oh Hye-won, Jung Yi-Seo, Lee Joong-ok, Kwon Da-ham, Hyun Bong-sik, Lim Se-joo, No Jae-won, Nam Jin-bok, and many more. If you were here to find out if A Killer Paradox is based on true story or not, now you know. If you want to watch A Killer Paradox, please head on to Netflix.

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