Geek Girl Is Based On Which Book? Or Is It A True Story?

It’s a rare instance when life offers you a chance for metamorphosis. Geek Girl showcases how important it is to take up opportunities through its entire storyline. Many of you will be wondering about Geek Girl based on which book.

The series tells us the story of a girl who happens to be extremely introverted and loves to be a loner. All those she happens to be extremely resolved one day one window changes her entire fate and her whole life. Besides talking about Geek Girl based on which book, you will also find everything that you need to know about this series.

Geek Girl Is Based On Which Book? Let’s Take A Look

If you ever scroll through different photographs and memories you made as a teenager, it is okay to feel awkward. When we grow up we barely have a life coach who frames and modulates ourselves. We don’t receive any training or proper guide book which states or shows us how to fit in. Apart from being a bit awkward, that’s why most offers have faced headful incidents or bullies, as we have grown up. Being an introvert, or being different from the supposedly ‘normal’, is okay. No matter how the society makes us think about it, everyone should accept that.

Geek Girl, the series on Netflix, tell us about the story of the ordinary life of a geeky girl who is extremely introverted. She was leading an ordinary life, and was in an ordinary job, but one day her life transformed completely. She became one of the most compelling models of the modelling industry. Despite the mixed reviews and some negative comments about the overwhelming of this series, the audience loves it. According to some users, the Autism angle was a bit too much. But the makers were quick to hit back at this with a proper reply.

Now many of you who have just completed watching this series might want to know about the plot. Some of you must be wondering, Geek Girl is based on which book? Is Geek Girl based on a true story? Well, if you are wondering about Geek Girl based on which book, let me tell you. Geek Girl is based on the book by Holly Smale, with the same title. In 2013, the novel became one of the best-selling titles. Apart from that it has achieved many great feats, especially positive nods from different critics. If you came to know Geek Girl is based on which book, you have got it.

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Geek Girl: High Schooler Becomes Fashionista

Have you ever wondered how your life could have been if you were not doing what you are doing right now? Most of us get trained to respond or think in a particularly bookish manner. We know how to be employees. But we lack the knowledge or imagination, that we can be leaders too if we want. Geek Girl is by far, the best example of this. If you have already watched this is then I would assume that you have enjoyed every bit of it. But for those who have not in this part of our article, you will find a short recap of the whole plot. 

Geek Girl tell us the story of Harriet Manners, a neurodivergent teenager who is still in High School. Harriet happens to be autistic, and for that, she naturally has a limited interaction range. Growing up she has only learned about how to mix or fit in with society. Apart from having other mental health issues, Harriet is also dyspraxic. For all these years she has had only a handful of friends. Most of the time, people have left her alone. Everybody used to look down upon her and belittle her abilities due to the issues she had. Lexi and her group keep bullying her almost every day.

Harriet only has her best friend Nat, and her neighbour Toby, who is a bit eccentric. She was an ordinary student, her class won a golden chance at London Fashion Week. Somehow, two modelling agents find Harriet out. Betty and Wilbur could recognise the potential that Harriet had inside her. Fashion models and other stylists constantly encourage Harriet to become a model for the company Infinity Models. Although it seemed to be a Mission-Impossible-scenario, in the end, it falls into places. Harriet becomes a high fashion model.

The Cast Of Geek Girl And the Official Streaming Platform Of This Series 

If you were here to find out Geek Girl is based on which book, now you know. Emily Carey has given a stellar performance as Harriet Manner, the high schooler who became a top model. Other notable cast members include Emmanuel Imani, Liam Woodrum, Zac Looker, Tim Downie, Alana Boden, Sandra Yi Sencindiver, Hebe Beardsall, Jemima Rooper, Rochelle Harrington, Sarah Parish, Daisy Jelley and many more. If you want to watch Geek Girl, please head on to Netflix.

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