Unfolding Kagurabachi Chapter 27 Release Date & Plot Details! 

Written and illustrated by Takeru Hokazono, the very latest updates on Kagurabachi Chapter 27 have recently slipped into our interest list! The newly launched action manga has been in high talk and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead of Chihiro! Fans of this popular manga series surely hope that the protagonist soon gets a hold of his Enchanted Blade. Anyhow, Chihiro needs to save his Enten from being sold out in the upcoming auction. From the recap to the plot prediction, we have covered it all. A lot has already happened in this thrilling manga and with a new chapter just around the corner, here is all you need to know about it. 

Unfolding Kagurabachi Chapter 27 Release Date & Plot Details! 

Unfolding Kagurabachi Chapter 27 Release Date & Plot Details! 

The action-adventure manga series is soon going to be continued with another blockbuster chapter. Kagurabachi Chapter 27 is about to be released soon. The time has come for the commencement of the Rakuzaichi auction! With more twists and turns about to appear in the story, all eyes are currently stuck on Chapter 27. 

Begin your final countdown today, as Kagurabachi Chapter 27 is just around the bush. For fans around Japan and Australia, you all have to wait till the 1st of April 2024 to witness the latest chapter of Kagurabachi. But for others who live around the Pacific, Indian, Greenwich, Philippine and Central European time zones, you can watch Kagurabachi Chapter 27 on 31st March 2024.

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Here Is A Short Recap Of Kagurabachi Chapter 26! 

In the previous chapter of this action-packed manga series, a lot was discussed about the Enchanted Blades and the upcoming Rakuzaichi auction. As Tafuku and Hiyuki were seen enjoying spaghetti, we got a deep glimpse of what was cooking within Tafuku’s mind. It seems like the Flame-Bone user is making a sound plan to defeat Chihiro in the upcoming match. Meanwhile, Tafuku informs Hiyuki that the Enten stands a chance to be auctioned soon. Thus, Hiyuki wonders whether Chihiro has abandoned his blade for money or not. But it was quite compelling to see how Tafuku thought otherwise and spoke up in favour of Chihiro. 

On the other hand, Chihiro, Shiba, Hakuri, and others are heading to the Rakuzaichi auction! As anticipated by many, our brave protagonist will try his best to get back his ultimate weapon. As this small group tries to figure out the Rakuzaichi vault’s exact location and nature, Chihiro openly talks about the “side effect” of his Enten. If by any chance he can bring the Katana closer to his Spirit Energy, Chihiro can remotely activate Enten’s Goldfish and thus, he can easily get back his weapon. As one proceeds to dig deep into Chapter 26, you will also notice how Hakuri apologises to Chihiro for throwing him under the bus. But it seems like the Enten-user is not angry over Hakuri. 

It was because of Hakuri that Chihiro was able to feel confident enough to let go of his Enten. As they reached the location, Chihiro was finally able to get in touch with his Enchanted Blade and thus the mini black goldfish appeared in this story. But Chihiro wasn’t the only one present in the storehouse, Kyora Sazanami was also there! He could sense something strange in Chihiro’s personality and thus decided to make a deal with him. As the small goldfish hides behind a pillar, Chihiro and Sazanami share their thoughts on the Rakuzaichi auction! Sazanami also informs him that the Enchanted Blades won’t be showcased at the auction until midnight. 

What Will Happen Next In Kagurabachi Chapter 27?

Unfolding Kagurabachi Chapter 27 Release Date & Plot Details! 

The previous chapter concludes with several people gathering in front of the auction building! As per our estimates, Chapter 27 will mainly focus on the Rakuzaichi auction! It will be quite interesting to see if Chihiro can manage to get a hold of the goldfish. He has wilfully lost his Blade once and now he is desperate to steal it from the Rakuzaichi vault. 

The ultimate fate of both Enten and Shinichi Enchanted Blades will be decided in Kagurabachi Chapter 27. Before someone else takes his Enchanted Blade home, Chihiro must do something to reunite with his weapon. Moreover, he must stay alert and ready as more challenges are about to appear in his path. Well, that’s all for today, to catch up with more such interesting updates on new manga series, stay connected with us, just right here.

Unfolding Kagurabachi Chapter 27 Release Date & Plot Details! – FAQs

1. Will the Rakuzaichi auction begin in Chapter 27?

As per our estimates, the Rakuzaichi auction will surely begin in Chapter 27.

2. Was Chihiro able to contact his Enchanted Blade?

Yes, Chihiro was able to contact his Enchanted Blade. 

3. Is Chihiro planning to steal the Enten?

Ye, Chihiro is planning to steal the Enten.

4. Is Kagurabachi Chapter 27 releasing this weekend?

As per the schedule given, Kagurabachi Chapter 27 will be released this weekend.

5. Do we have a concrete release date for Kagurabachi Chapter 27?

As per the information available, Kagurabachi Chapter 27 will be premiering on the 31st of March and 1st of April 2024. 

6. Did Hakuri apologise to Chihiro?

Yes, Hakuri did apologise to Chihiro.

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