Citadel India Release Date. When Is The Blockbuster Hitting Your Screens? Exploring!

“Citadel”, is America’s big bucks series after The Lord Of Rings. But why is it a big buck? The reasons are numerous, and the biggest one is its direction. Set in the beautiful fiction world, but with the remarkable duo of Hollywood. Citadel made its fans everywhere in the world. Through the star cast, storyline, direction, location, and whatnot. During its commencement, the fans expected it to be something run-of-the-mill. But when the series hit their screens. Everyone was left pen-mouthed. Not just the American audiences, but many Indians were too embraced.

A series made with a budget of US$300 million, Indians enforced the same. Is it obtainable? Yes. One day in December 2022, Joe and Anthony Russo, addressed the coming of the Indian version of Citadel. None of the Indian fans were in the land. All of them flew in the seventh cloud out of happiness. Reason? We never believed such a great project to be accepted by Bollywood. But now the query comes up. Is this happening for real, if yes? When will the series come off? Who will start the series? Where will it stream? And millions of questions popping into your brains. Right?

Don’t worry then. Because you have us. We have come prepared for these questions. And have also brought up answers to it with us. So are you excited to know? Then why waste time, let us go and know everything we have covered up so far. 

Citadel India Release Date

The Indian filmmakers Raj & Dk have taken charge of their shulders. They have decided to adapt the Citadel series into an Indian version. However, it was announced as a spin-off of the original one in December 2022. And its filing started back in the year 2023. The fans are excited to watch the series and await its release date. So when is the series coming? To your relief, the filmmakers have announced, that it is to come by May-June, 2024, However, for the perfect scheduled date, fans have to still wait for some time. 

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Anticipated Plot Of Citadel India

The Indian-adapted series will star the handsome hunk, Varun Dhawan. Opposite to him is your favourite, sensational Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Where, Samantha already made her debut in the Hindi OTT series, Family Man 2. It is the first time for Varun Dhawan. The series for Indian adaptation is titled “Citadel: Honey Bunny”. Raj & DK have earlier worked together in many films and series. And are one of the best directors in Bollywood. That’s why their expectations are high. 

Apart from that, the series is also announced to be of the spy genre. As a whole, fans and we even expect it to be similar to its original one. If you have watched the one before, you must be aware of it. And if not you must be confused about it. Isnt it? Don’t be troubled then. As we will give you an abbreviated version of the original series, here only. Citadel from America starred our favourite Priyanka Chopra Jonas. She was cast opposite Richard Madden, one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors. 

The series begins with Citadel group spies Mason and Nadia, on a mission. They are winning the battle against, the mafias “Manticore”. Suddenly, a storm hit hard both the spies and they lost all their memories. 8 years later, when spy Bernard Orlick learned that both were alive. He rushed in search of the two brave officers. Orlick found, Mason living life with his wife and child as he is out of mind about his past. Nadia, however, was captured by a notorious man from Itlay, and she escaped him with all the hurdles. 

What Happened To Both?

Mason soon conjured up everything of his past and was on his duty. But his partner, Nadia is still unconscious. She is fed a syrup, which now brings back to her conscience. But a surprise is waiting for the fans? The story time travels back to 10 years when both Nadia and Mason shared a census moment. They were distant somatically, but their love was connected he dlessly. The two bravely, embarked on a journey to save their nation from the mafias. 

Where Is The Series Available?

Citadel is streaming on Amazon Prime Video

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