Is Turning Point: The Bomb And The Cold War Based On A True Story? What Are The Fans Hearing Is True? Analyzing!

History of the world has left great impacts on our ancestors, the present generation, and the ones who are yet to be born. Clarifying, history is good for some families, while worse for some. The reason may be many, politics, geopolitics, personal grudges of the nation leaders, their inter-conflicts, and many more. But all of these done by some other, are repented by some other. All of this is said, because this is the only truth, no matter how much the political leaders might cover them, and so do their paid news channels.

Coming up to historical wars, we know the scary and destructive, World War I & II, and then the Cold War. But what actually happened in the war, and who was responsible for it? What is the destruction faced by the nation? Are they all growing or are still repenting? Did the common men suffer? And are suffering even today? Hundreds of questions arise when you read the history of these breathtaking wars, but the answers to all of these questions are nowhere. None of the leaders are going to talk about this even.

Well, to let you know some unknown facts and disclose the uncovered truth of the war, especially the Cold War between two very highly populated countries, is shown in the new upcoming series. The series titled “Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War”. So without waiting for long and increasing your excitement let us move ahead, and know the truth behind the series and even the war that took place decades back. 

Is Turning Point: The Bomb And The Cold War Based On A True Story?

Is Turning Point: The Bomb And The Cold War Based On A True Story

The new series coming up on March 12, 2024, on the popular OTT platform is “Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War”. And with the release of the trailer of the series and even by looking at the title of the series, the fans have somewhere expected the series, to be a true one, and that it is inspired from the true events. And yes, their arrow of suspicious, did mark on the correct point, as the makers of the series came up in an interview and said very clearly, that the series is a documentary of the spooky and scary Cold War events and all the post and preconditions of the two nations after the war ended. Are they suffering it today or is everything okay? Everything is covered in the series releasing soon. 

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Unraveling The Plot

Is Turning Point: The Bomb And The Cold War Based On A True Story

Fans who love watching historical dramas, their cultural histories, and the ancient wars, will definitely love this upcoming series. The 9-episode, docu-series, will let this present generation know, the reasons behind the cold war, that ended up in the year 1991. However, expected that everything would go well, and peace all around the globe after the war ended. It didn’t go as expected. The reasons are very clear.

The series, for its nine-episode series, on a whole covered around 100 interviews of the people, who were eyewitnesses to the Cold War, the families who are still suffering the repercussions of the war, and even the political leaders, who would say very clearly the reasons behind the war, as they have been in the discussion table. The series wraps up the events that took place before the war started between the United States and Russia. Everything was at peace but the Sudeen riots or we must say the inner politics of the leaders, destroyed the nations. 

What Happened In The War?

Is Turning Point: The Bomb And The Cold War Based On A True Story

Russians say it was the US’ fault, while the US says it was all because of Russians. Anyway, to find the truth the series has been telecasted, though something can’t be said clearly due to peer pressure if you are intelligent you might definitely understand that. The filmmakers say they earned and learned so much while making for this series, the interviews said something and gave every answer to their query, 

Though the Cold War, didn’t occupy the troops and bombs, the United States had this unique way of threatening Russia, with its nuclear weapon. And not even today, are their matters solved. They still put hurdles on each other’s work. Also, people feel that today’s war between Russia and Ukraine reminds them of the Cold War, who have experienced it. To watch everything in detail, and see the people saying it on their own in the interviews you must watch the series ASAP. 

Where Will The Series Stream?

The series “Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War” will stream on Netflix from March 12, 2024. 

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