Laapata Ladies Movie Budget. Box Office Collection. Profit Or Loss?

Indian cinemas never let down the hopes of their fans. It is very rare in cases that Indian films or series, don’t come up with something really exciting and extraordinary. But still, it is possible that the film or series, does not get a huge fan base at that time, but then years later it becomes a “cult”. Cult is a GenZ word directed to films that were not loved and supported at the time of their release, but years later it is loved and supported in the entire nation, with a huge fan base. 

You can think of several examples of cult films mentioning a few of them are the Golmaal series, Hera Pheri, Andaaz Apna Apna, and many more. Well, not moving on to these old yet epic movies, we will talk about the recent release of the Bollywood film industry. the film by its title felt to be good, but the responses from the audiences do not seem to be so. Maybe it’s because of the director they don’t believe in, or the plot or unknown cast or anything.

Anything can be a reason, for the film to go flop or a hit. With its mere 4-day collection, the film “Laapata Ladies” doesn’t seem to be a blockbuster. But what’s the reason behind it? Is it the cast or the plot? Or something else? Well, to let you know everything about the film, from its budget to cast, and the box office collection as well, we are here. So don’t worry, and fasten your seat belts to go on a journey to find out the ladies! 

Laapata Ladies Movie Budget

Very well-known yet the lost actor’s production house has come up with a film, “Laapata Ladies” by Amir Khan Production House, directed by his ex-wife, Kiran Rao, which is expected to take a high profit from the Bollywood film industry fans. But unfortunately, it seems to be difficult for the ex-couple. Because, the film directed and produced with a fund of Rs 40 crore, is going a bit slow. As per the expectations ad graphs, the film was to collect 10-20 crores, till day 4, but still, the collection is quite low, and it’s just Rs 0.5 crore per day, which means Rs 4 crore till day 4, as per the reports. Well, the film still has a chance to grow and give profits to the family, by presenting in the OTT. 

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Mapping The Plot Of The Film

The film is set in the year 2001 in an Indian village in the family of the newlywed groom Deepka, and his wife Phool. Tye both were returning to their home town, after having a romantic holiday vacation. But on the train, something unexpected happens. Deepak and Phool are separated. Separated but Deepak comes back with another bride, that’s not his. Confused? Dont be!

The film starts with Deepak played by Sparsh Srivastava and Phool played by Nitanshi Goel getting married and they are traveling on the train. Phool as per the Indian culture had a ghoonghat, and this ghoonghat misled her way, and Deepak instead of Phool brought Pushpa Rani or Jaya played by Pratibha Ranta to his home. Pushpa too was a new bride, with a ghoonghat which misled Deepak. Now when the villaers and his family members, see there’s chaos, and from there the fun in the film starts.

The journey of finding their real-life partners starts, sometimes, it is heartbreaking to watch them lose hope, while sometimes it’s stomach-aching laughs to see them struggling. Helping them in their case is the Indian cop, Manohar played by the known actor, singer, and politician Ravi Kishan from the Bhojpuri film industry. But one thing the ladies on their way of searching embrace themselves is the self-confidence, and womanhood to know about their powers unknown to them til that time. Well, it will be a secret to know if they find each other’s partners till we watch the film. But one thing is sure, the laugh, the sorrow, the excitement, and the womanhood that not only the female casts but also the audiences watching will find in this bang-on journey of searching for the laapata ladies. 

Where Is The Film Streaming?

The film “Laapata Ladies” was theatrically released on 1st March 2024 all over in Indian theaters. However, the OTT platform for its release is confirmed and announced to be Netflix and will come there super soon.

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