Tracker Season 2 Release Date. What Are The Reports Saying? Analyzing!

Counting on days and months to look for a thrilling movie. Or a series might be? CBS has heard your prayers. Last month was the schedule for many releases from different production houses, and out of all one has caught the eyes of the audiences worldwide. Do you know what is that? “Tracker” is a tale of a brave officer who earns his living by helping the authorities enforce laws and the common people. The series from the time of its trailer launch has attracted a mass of people, globally.

Surprisingly, the makers of the series expected this even to be just a one-time show, like their other works. But eventually, the series from the date of its release till today has been on the top list of most watched series of 2024-25. Not just this, but Tracker has broken every record of CBS and became the first ever series to be the one in a million, of all time. With this high box-office success, will the series come over again? Well, that’s a tricky one.

Come let us embark on a journey to find out the answer to your most asked question. When will the Tracker Season 2 be released? Apart from this, the cast, characters, and plot of the series are also discussed here. But before we head, you must join us and enjoy with the flow as the hero in the series enjoys killing criminals and paying justice to the law and ordinary man.

Tracker Season 2 Potential Release Date

February 11, 2024, was the day when “Tracker” made its first debut on the screen of the audience. Undoubtedly, the fans have watched the trailer of the series, but the debut episode of the series, made them go nail-biting. Because of the crime, action, and thrill are heaped in here. The series is on the No. 1 rank of all the shows on the web. It has even made some record-breaking scenes. Collecting all the positive responses from critics, and 5-star ratings on IMDb and other sites, Tracker is breaking records.

From being on the No. 1 rank to being the first show on CBS to get officially renewed by the makers, Tracker has done it. It has fulfilled the dreams of many directors, writers, and producers. Applauses to the series makers, and the fan supporters, who have possibly renewed the series for a second season, which is scheduled to be released by the Summer of 2025. Ready to witness the thrills in the next season as well? But before let us see what happens here in season 1.

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Tracker Season 1 Plot

An American film industry series is rocking everywhere on the TV and OTT platforms, with its highly anticipated plot, and the intervening scenes. The series is sure to entertain you. But at the same time, will give you goosebumps with the crime stories it comprises. The stunts and bushy ways, the hero of the series has to cover to find the lost ones and get them back to their home and loved ones.

Colter Shaw played by Justin Hartley enters the series, as a survivalist who does trekking and at the same time works with the cops of different towns entangling the roots of the crimes, and leading his way to the criminals and the victims. He is known to be a living wolf in the town, who can catch its prey with just a smell. Coulter travels the world and treks down mountains, but at the same time, earns money by helping the cops enforce the law to the public. 

What Happens With Shaw?

At the very beginning of the series, in its debut episode, Colter Shaw is seen trekking. Down the mountains and around the forests, like a wolf you see him. He then gets a call from his senior to join a case and find the lost young boy, and a young woman, and back to back all cases are solved. This handsome man, who solves everyone’s problem in a snap, is broken from within and so spends time outside in with nature.

Shaw is always seen helping others because he had a bitter past with fractured relations. Nevertheless, he helps and brings smiles to many faces, and bad fortune follows him. By the end of season 1 fans might see, a secret being disclosed to Shaw, which will shatter his world, and things will change. This will be the hang-cliff to the second season of the series. Wait to witness the brave man solving other puzzles in the upcoming season!

Where Is The Series Streaming?

Tracker is streaming on Disney Hotstar and Prime Video as well.

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