Is “Unlocked” Based On A True Story? Finding The Clues!

Psychological thrilling films are always the best to watch, the audience feels. It gives an equal amount of thrill, surprise, and experience to the brain to solve puzzles correctly. But with the film comes up many questions on the films or the series’ plot, whether the film is a true one or if the plot is just fictional and all. To find out the truth, you always will need us, and we will always be at your request and demand and bring to you amazing articles, to let you know the truth about the films and the series. 

“Unlocked” is a psychological film, that was released back in the year 2023. With the release of the film’s trailer fans went awestruck and demanded that the film be released soon. On their demands, the film was released on 17th February, 2023. Well, the trailer for the film did pose many questions in the brains of the fans, but at the same time, they were so puzzled by the plot, that they didn’t even expect the answer to the questions. Now a year passed, and they are asking us to tell them if they are tight or wrong. To answer this and let you know the truth we are back.  

Is Unlocked Based On A True Story?

In the 2023 film Unlocked the fans are expecting the answer to their most asked question, one year after the release Of the Love they showered the film, and the makers were overwhelmed and felt to answer fans’ questions. In one of the interviews the makers made it clear that it was not from any kind of real-life vents, but rather a story of the film adapted from the 2017 published novel of the same name. This novel was even earlier in 2018 adapted for another film and this was the second time, adapted the novel as a film and released it to the fans. 

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Unveiling The Film’s Plot

“Unlocked” is a psychologically thrilling film, which at times will confuse you with its plot and the events taking place in the series, and sometimes will even scare you up. So to your consent be in your all senses, and keep your eyes wide open, as you watch the film on your screens. The story of the film revolves around a girl who is deceived by a young boy, who is also the son of a detective. He makes Eveyrone hate the girl, and in last makes her to suicide. 

The film however begins with, the female protagonist Lee Na-Mi played by Chun Woo-Hee losing her cell phone on the bus, while she was being robbed by a robber. She is a normal office-going girl, who is struggling hard to do good in her career. She joins an office in the morning shift and in the night time, works at her father’s cafe. While everything was going smoothly she lost her phone on the bus, and when called back there was some mischief luring her.

When Na-Mi called her number, the other side was Oh Jun-Yeong played by Yim Si-Wan, who used an autotune to lure Na-Min and call her at the mobile repair shop to get back her phone. Hurriedly the girl went, in the hope of something good but this incident will now change her entire life. Not only will her life be ruined and will be full of darkness but fans will also discover truths about this mischievous boy.  

How Does The Film Ends?

The climax of the film is way more interesting than the introduction part. Na-Mi though gets her phone back but has spyware installed on her phone, this means that all her information, with whom she talks, what she says, and everything on her phone is now visible to Jun-Yeong. He has complete control of her life. Doing the worst with her, Yeong shares some confidential information from Na-Mi’s office with the public, which makes her lose her job. Not only this but even she loses the trust and bond of her father and her best friend. 

As the story moves ahead, Yeong’s father as said is a detective who was investigating a case of the lost dead body found in the isolated mountain. And when the truth came up his minds were blown away. The father finds the criminal behind this murder to be his son, Yeong. Not just one but soon many murders were on the head of Yeong. By the end of the film, when Na-Mi and her father are going to lose their life, on the other side, Yeong’s truth is in front of his father. What happened next with them? To know you must watch the film. 

Where Can You Watch The film?

Fans can watch the film “Unlocked” on Netflix.

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