Is True Crime Story: Smugshot Based On A True Story? Seeking The Gospel Truth!

Fond of crime web series, but couldn’t find one? Follow Us, as we have one latest series for you to watch. True Crime Stories: Smughshot, made its debut lately, on 14th March 2024 in one of the biggest Networks. Adding to it, the series from the time of its trailer launch is increasing the number of viewers. Audiences around the corner of the world, are joining in to watch the series. And from the day series, made its way to the screens, people have going mad. The series has been long awaited by its fans. As they were yarning for the series to release soon.

Momentarily, the fans after watching the 6-episode season. All dropped off on the same day, are traumatizing. Hell, why? Because the series anticipates the scary world of crime. Here, the people instead of repenting for the loss, celebrate the gain. Baffled? Don’t worry, as we’ll decode to you everything in the same article. Besides this, the fans have been incessantly asking for the answer to their just one query. Is the series adapted from true events? To know this, and all other stuff, scroll down as you find them in the bold letter. 

Is True Crime Story: Smugshot Based On A True Story? 

The trailer didn’t seem to be so terrifying, says the audience. They thought that this would be the same as the earlier ones, with some decent easy-to-digest stories. But this time, it was at variance. You will be baffled, to hear the incidents, and wonder if the humans can do so. Apart from the cruelty, there again arises a query. Are all the stories true? And the answer to this interrogate evolves to be YES.

The series, that hit your screens on 14th March 2024 is all true. Comprising of six episodes eventually encompassing, the true events, that took place in the lives of the authorized individuals. Some came up in the real interviews to tell the world. While, some were still behind the camera, to hide their embarrassment or sorrows. Above all, the series, would either heal you or entertain you or might shock you even. Page down to read more!

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What Does The Series Proclaim?

True Crime Stories: Smugshots, is a six-episode docu-series. The show comes from the most artistic filmmakers of the criminal shows, Amy Bandlien Storkel and Bryan Storkel. The two have blessed the world film industry, with many crime docuseries, and even the criminal film. And this time, it’s again the two challenging the world, with their fresh work. The series is composed of new stories in each episode, and all of the six stories are very true.

The stories embodied here, are not just in love for revenge. Some did even commit a crime, for glory, wealth, freedom, status, fame, and any worldly things. The individuals involved in the crime thought of celebrating their glorious crime. Alas! But their destiny had different plans. Caught up by the cops and put behind bars. But the victim’s family is still suffering. Criminals, heinous crimes, range from small to big, pretty cute to tremendously devastating. But what’s all that? 

Criminals shown in the series is way more sharper and cunning than you have ever thought. Escaping from the law’s clutch to leaving the country town, everything was made possible. From parents murdering their son’s caretaker to a detective setting a trap, until it’s broken off by the criminal himself. This is going to be mind-boggling. The filmmakers stated that it was difficult for them to bring everything to people’s door. But they have done it. And for their backbreaking work, we salute them.

Let us know in brief, what is going to happen here. Commencing from the series’ first episode as you enter the world of true crime scenes, harrowing events await you. Parents distressed by their son’s prep school teacher, decided to murder her. Followed by, a renowned female politician, eating up the world’s economy like a worm, telecasted in the second episode. The Son of a wealthy businessman from Texas didn’t go to jail after knocking down a man and running away. A manhunt begins, as a detective finds his two mates, and another one sets a trap. Watch all the terrific stories in detail on their official page. But, Where? 

Where Can You Watch The series?

The series is streaming on Sundance Now and AMC+.

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