Supersex Season 2 Release Date. When Will It Hit Your Screens? Searching For The Same!

Sex and pornography are still taboo to talk about in some parts of the world. People say it is bad and a nuisance to society and whatnot. But there are people, who work as pornographers and earn to live their respectful life offscreen. And to your surprise, in India, this job is said to be a taboo, and not respected job, but still in different parts of the world like Italy, the UK, and the US, etc. talking about sex and pron and pornstars is somewhat surreal.

But why are we suddenly talking about sex and pornography leaving behind the films and movies No no we haven’t left our series and movies, but this has to be talked about to let you know the answers to one of your most asked questions. And that is the renewal of the series Supersex. What is the series? When is it released? When will it come back? What’s the plot? Who are the participants? And many more, questions must be jumping on your brains, isn’t it?

Well, then don’t worry, and ask these queries to stop hurting your brain, as we are back here. We will let you know about the series Supersex and everything related to it. not prolonging the time, get yourselves glued to your seats, and come with us through this article, and by the end, you will feel excited to watch the series. Let us move then!

Supersex Season 2 Release Date 

Italian biopic dramatic TV series has reached your screens to be a boon to your eyes, right? Yes, the series was already released on the famous OTT platform, yesterday March 6, 2024. And in surprise to not just the OTT platform, but also the makers of the series, the fans have got really excited to watch the series’ second season. 

Not a joke, but that is very true. Just after the release of the trailer of the series, they were excitedly asking for the schedules of its release. And once it has released the first season, they are expecting the second season. Well, as there is no official announcement yet, about its renewal we might just tell you all to keep hope as it would approach anytime soon on your screens. 

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Recollecting About The Series

The TV series was announced by the Italian film industry’s famous writer Francesca Manieri. The series was Howvee, co-directed by Matteo Rovere, Francesca Mazzoleni, and Francesca Carrozzini. The series is a sex and pornography series, which is also the dramatic biopic of the famous pornographer from Italy, Mr. Rocco Siffredi. He has spent half of his career as a sex artist and pornographer. 

The series will delve deeper into the life of the pornographer, individually as Rocco but symbolizing every person who works in the same industry. The series has been released not for just mere entertainment, but even to make aware society of their work and to pay them the same respect as they do for other occupations. You will get to see the role of Rocco being played by Alessandro Borghi, Lucia by Jasmine Trinca, Rocco’s brother Tommaso by Adriano Gianni, and others in their young roles. 

Who Is Rocco Siffredi?

Rocco has gone through many ups and down in his life of choosing porn film as his career. He got this idea by reading a porn magazine of a teen. He thus moved to Prais to pursue his career, and there he met the famous, French porn actor, director, and producer Gabriel Pontello. And from then the uprise in his life starts. Rocco started to play his roles in many sexual scenes in the films and even was cast in the porn films. Rocco became famous for his amazing sexual play in the films and became famous for various sex positions, anal sex, and many more.

While working as a porn star from a year, 1986 he was fed up with the work and decided to leave in the year 2004. But nothing went well. He used to be away from home due to his sex addiction sleeping with senior females, men trans, and others. He says he was mad after sex. And that was the time when his wife Rosa Caracciolo helped him. She said if Rocco isn’t able to live without the work, then he must get back in the same field. From there he started working again and till now, he has starred in more than 1300 films. 

Where Is The Series Available? 

Fans can binge on the series, Supersex on Netflix

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