Is Guntur Kaaram Based On A True Story? The Real Truth Behind The Blockbuster Action Thriller! 

The incredibly popular Telugu action drama film of January 2024 was Guntur Kaaram. The movie was packed with sound action scenes and intriguing melodrama, but guess what a few interesting rumors have recently caught our attention. Directed and written by Trivikram Srinivas, fans are now wondering whether the movie was based on real-life events or not! That’s not all, but many also think that the movie is not an original creation. 

Some do say that the script of the film was highly inspired by a famous novel! Featuring talented actors like Mahesh Babu, Sreeleela, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Prakash Raj, and others, the movie surely impressed us a lot. Looking at the mixed reviews of the film, we can say that the creators tried hard but the film somehow failed to match everyone’s expectations. Thus, on popular demand, here is all you need to know about Guntur Kaaram.

Is Guntur Kaaram Based On A True Story? The Real Truth Behind The Blockbuster Action Thriller! 

Is Guntur Kaaram Based On A True Story? The Real Truth Behind The Blockbuster Action Thriller! 

Mahesh Babu’s refined performance in the film was truly commendable. Yes, the movie was a bit complicated for many to understand, but if followed properly, it isn’t much of a huge disaster. Now, coming to the rumors, Guntur Kaaram is not based on a true story or a novel series. Many do say that the director might be inspired by Yaddanapudi Sulochanarani’s epic novel, ‘Keerthi Kireetaalu’. But we cannot find any common ground between these two. 

The novel mostly revolves around the journey of a musician, while the film majorly focuses on political chaos. Given all the details, we can surely say that the film is more of an original creation of Trivikram Srinivas. Again, going back to the main question of the day, the film might have taken inspiration from real-life politics. But the story depicted in the thriller is not much based on real-life events. The director indeed did a good job in blending politics with family drama, but many did feel that the storyline was stretched to a huge extent. We won’t deny the fact that the plot is a bit confusing, but at the same, it is also very interesting to catch up on! 

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Here Is A Quick Plot Overview Of Guntur Kaaram!

This eye-catching action thriller starts in 1998. The story introduces us to Dokka and Lenin, two of the biggest rowdies in Guntur! The compelling action drama film opens up with a tragic fire breaking out in the Mirchi factory, named Bhogineni Satyam! As the owner of the factory, Satyam goes to the Babu brothers to seek an answer, his brother-in-law, Rangam, accidentally kills Lenin! 

This is where the chaos begins, to save Rangam, Satyam takes the blame on himself. As a result of which he now has to spend 12 prolonged years in jail. Meanwhile, we will also see how his son, Veera Venkata Ramana, partially loses his vision in the explosion. This brings us down to Satyam’s wife, Vasundhara. Shockingly enough, as her husband and child’s lives were destroyed to the fullest, she decided to leave them alone and go back to her politician father, Vyra Venkata Swamy. 

Now, in Hyderabad, she eventually ends up marrying Pakka Rajagopal Narayana, but this captivating story gears up only after a gap of 25 years! Little did she know that her long-abandoned son would soon return to her life. As Venkata Swamy declares Vasundhara to be the Minister of Law, we will see how Kata Madhu, a subordinate of his political party, starts acting as a major barrier for them. 

Out of rage and anger, he decides to blackmail them with the fact that Ramana happens to be Vasundhara’s son. This directly meant that Venkata Swamy’s reputation was again at stake! To hide all his past deeds, he decides to make Ramana sign a document. In exchange for money, he offered Ramana to state officially that he has no connections whatsoever with Vasundhra or the Vyra family! Well, to know whether Ramana ends up signing the papers or not, you surely need to watch the complete story of Guntur Kaaram!

Did Vasundhara Truly Abandon Her Only Child? 

Is Guntur Kaaram Based On A True Story? The Real Truth Behind The Blockbuster Action Thriller! 

Initially, Kata Madhu wanted to convince Ramana to help him achieve his ultimate goal, but surprisingly, Ramana turned his offer upside down. Despite losing time and again,  Kata was finally able to steal Ramana’s wallet and thus flashed to the media that Ramana was indeed Vasundhara’s biological son. The family photo was enough to destroy Venkata Swamy’s political image. On the other hand, amid this blunder, we learned a huge truth about Vasundhara. As narrated by Satyam to Ramana, Vasundhara immediately wanted to get the operation done on her son’s eye. 

But after the tragic factory loss and Lenin’s horrible murder, it was Satyam who prioritized Rangam over their son. While leaving the house, she even wanted to take her son along with her which means that Vasundhara did not abandon Ramana. But again, it was Satyam and his sister, Bujji, who did not let her inside the house. This was also one of the main reasons why Vasundhara falsely stated that Satyam had killed Lenin! After learning everything about his mother, Ramana changed his opinions about Vasundhara!

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Guntur Kaaram Ending Explained – Who Was The Main Mastermind? 

“Gelatin” Babji, a blind contract killer, along with his men gets an order to kidnap and kill Ramana and Balu. Thus we come down to the finale of this movie. Upon the heated confrontation, he ends up confessing the fact that Narayana under Venkata Swamy’s “order” had hired Babji. Now, on the other hand, Vasundhara had a severe accident. 

As she is suddenly hit by a lorry and taken to the hospital, Venkata Swamy has set up another trap for  Ramana. No matter what, he will not leave his mother alone, absolutely not in such a serious situation. Thus he comes down to the hospital and yet again meets Venkata. Shockingly enough, Swamy reveals to him that Hari Das and Kata Madhu were the men who tried to harm Vasundhara. And thus it was quite easy for him to provoke Ramana to kill both of them.

As Ramana leaves for his revenge, Satyam reveals to Paani that he happens to be the main mastermind of this dead game. Long ago in 1998, it was he who orchestrated the attack on Satyam’s factory! Since his daughter opposed his decisions and ended up marrying someone else from another caste, he lost the elections! This makes the picture quite clear as now we can completely understand why he hates Ramana so much. 

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Who Originally Planned The Accident On Vasundhara? 

Venkata Swamy’s plan was surely on point, but he failed to realize that Hari Das would not merely sit in silence. As Ramana tries to kill Hari, he reveals that he never planned any sort of murder with Kata. But he did accept the fact that he happens to be a cut-throat enemy of Venkata Swamy. After all, how can he ever forgive the man who backstabbed him? In the climax of Guntur Kaaram, we come down to the grand event where Raja Gopal, Vasundhara’s second son with Narayana was about to be declared the next MP of the town. 

Here Narayana slaps Venkata Swamy with his words by revealing the fact that Gopal is not their biological son! Vasundhara adopted him so that her father would stay away from Ramana. He further admits the fact that they might have gotten married to one another, but they never had any proper husband-and-wife relationship. That’s not all, but here we also learn that it was Venkata Swamy who planned that accident on Vasundhara. He was so mad to get the title of CM that he wanted his daughter to be dead. 

Upon hearing everything about this shocking revelation, Ramana was angry at his so-called grandfather. But guess what, Vasundhara stops him from taking any furious steps and they ultimately go back to Guntur. Thus, Vasundhara finally reunites with Satyam and Bujji. Well, all in all, the film is 100 percent worth bingeing once. So what are you waiting for, watch Guntur Kaaram, exclusively on Netflix. 

Is Guntur Kaaram Based On A True Story? The Real Truth Behind The Blockbuster Action Thriller! – FAQs

1. Is Guntur Kaaram based on facts?

No, Guntur Kaaram is not based on real facts. 

2. Was Venkata Swamy revealed to be the main villain of Guntur Kaaram? 

Yes, Venkata Swamy happens to be the main villain of Guntur Kaaram. 

3. Did Vasundhara ever reunite with Satyam and Bujji?

By the end of Guntur Kaaram, Vasundhara was reunited with Satyam and Bujji. 

4. Is the blockbuster action film, Guntur Kaaram inspired by a novel?

The blockbuster action film, Guntur Kaaram is not inspired by a novel. 

5. Can you watch the power-packed action thriller, Guntur Kaaram online?

Yes, the power-packed action thriller, Guntur Kaaram is available to binge online, exclusively on Netflix. 

6. Was Raja Gopal adopted by Vasundhara?

Yes, to protect Ramana from her father, Raja Gopal was adopted by Vasundhara. 

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