Is Puzhu Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into The Thriller! 

Sometimes we can truly be tricked by our own opinions and judgements! This popular psychological drama film from 2022 has truly blown away our minds. We must say that the gripping plot of this Malayalam movie is undoubtedly penned to perfection. From the layers added to the various twists and turns included in the film, “Puzhu” is surely worth bingeing once.  

When talking about “Puzhu”, how can we forget to speak about the fantastic acting of Mammootty and Parvathy Thiruvothu? The lead actors in the film surely gave their best performance! Speaking of the eye-catching storyline, some of the viewers do think that the film might have been inspired by a real-life story! Well, the rumours have surely started to grab everyone’s attention and here is all you need to know about it. 

Is Puzhu Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into The Thriller! 

Is Puzhu Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into The Thriller! 

Directed by Ratheena PT, back in 2022, this compelling thriller was very much acclaimed by the audience out there. Brimming with suspense and mystery, we were quite intrigued to see how a normal-looking man was slowly transforming into an insomniac. We must say that the writers of the film Harshad and Suhas-Sharfu did manage to come up with a brilliant script. Every little detail presented in this thriller was layered exceptionally! 

Nowadays, intensely intriguing and eye-catching plots are pretty hard to find, which explains why the crowd wants to learn more about the creation of the movie. As per our knowledge, Puzhu is not exactly based on a true story. The audience was surely impressed to see how the creators tried to give us a deep review of Kuttan’s mind and emotions! If seen only from one perspective, you can clearly say that he is a victimiser. But on the other hand, he thinks himself to be a victim, which explains a lot about his whole personality! 

We do think that after losing his wife, he was meant to be a bit more protective towards his son! But seeing it all from Kichu’s perspective, one can clearly point out why that child was feeling so suffocated and suppressed! Again, Kuttan’s heated clash with her young sister Bharati also cannot be ignored. The way the writers have tried to put emphasis on caste differentiation was truly commendable. But at the end of the day, this whole film was just a work of art. 

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Here Is A Quick Synopsis Of Puzhu – A Mind-Blowing Psychological Drama! 

Is Puzhu Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into The Thriller! 

This enthralling drama starts with a high-rank IPS officer named Kuttan. He belongs to the Brahmin community and speaks highly of his faith and religion. Being a widower and a father of a child, Kuttan has done everything possible to be an idle human being! Initially, everything seemed alright, Kuttan was living in a lavish apartment and according to him, he had also raised his son quite well alone. But when Kuttan was focusing too much on being a good parent, he forgot to build a good relationship with his child. This brings us down to his young son, Kichu, who mostly feels suffocated by his father’s highly protective attitude. 

The whole situation has become so rotten that he wants his father to die one day! As the story progresses, we will see how Kuttan starts getting an intuition that someone is trying to harm him and this explains why he begins to doubt anyone and everyone out there. His paranoia accelerates further when after a really long time, he comes across his younger sister, Bharati. Ever since her little sister got married to a theatre artist, his relationship with Bharati has severely bittered. After all, how can he accept a person like Kuttappan to be his brother-in-law? This is where we learn more about Kuttan’s mindset. 

Being an upper-caste Brahmin, he obviously never wanted to have any type of connection with someone from an oppressed class. Surprisingly enough, when Bharati decides to shift to a nearby flat, Kuttan starts thinking that she must have returned for her long-awaited revenge! As one continues to watch, we will observe how Kuttan’s hatred, rage and bigotry eventually make him lose all his sanity. Well, to learn more about other interesting and intriguing Malayali and Telugu movies, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Is Puzhu Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into The Thriller! – FAQs

1. Is Puzhu based on real facts?

No, the popular Malayalam movie, Puzhu is not based on facts. 

2. Was Kichu happy with his father, Kuttan?

No, Kichu was very much unhappy with his father, Kuttan.

3. Can you watch the popular movie, Puzhu online?

Yes, the popular movie, Puzhu can be viewed online, exclusively on Sony LIV. 

4. Is the character of Kuttan based on a real-life person?

The character of Kuttan is not exactly inspired by a real-life person. 

5. Who was Kuttappan? 

Kuttappan was Bharati’s husband. 

6. Was Kichu feeling suffocated in his house? 

Because of his father’s overly protective behaviour, Kichu mostly felt suffocated in his house. 

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