Where Is Jake Tapper Now? Dissecting His Net Worth And Career History! 

Whether it is digging deep into presidential politics or interviewing President Obama, there is barely anyone out there who isn’t aware of this name! The very renowned and extremely talented American journalist and author, who is also seen as a cartoonist, Jacob Paul Tapper is back in talks! He is originally known to be the lead Washington anchor for CNN. From hosting the weekday news show, The Lead with Jake Tapper to co-hosting the Sunday morning public affairs on State of the Union, Jacob has undoubtedly come a long way now. 

Starting from the year 2001, we have seen constant growth in his career. Some online sources also say that he is counted among the top-paid television hosts in the news industry. Speaking of the start of his journey, since the very beginning he was internally involved in politics. If we are not wrong, back in 1992, Tapper was also seen as a Campaign Press Secretary for Democratic congressional candidate Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky! Well, from his current whereabouts and net worth to his career history, stay tuned as we are about to cover it all here. 

Where Is Jake Tapper Now? Dissecting His Net Worth And Career History! 

Where Is Jake Tapper Now? Dissecting His Net Worth And Career History! 

The popular journalist Jake Tapper currently lives in New York City. As per the information collected by us, recently, the CNN anchor has also bought a luxury mansion in Washington, DC. Sources further revealed that it was mostly a steal deal, as the $13.5 million mansion was successfully purchased by him, only for half the price. This surely tells us a lot about the net worth of the chief Washington correspondent. As mentioned above, Tapper is seen among the most renowned news reporters in the world and he surely holds a net worth of millions! 

It wasn’t shocking for us when we heard that Jake Tapper owns a total of 6 top-ranked cars! From fully automatic Tesla Model S to Mercedes Benz S-Class and Range Rover, his car collection is surely quite impressive. Now speaking of his annual income, he makes around $8 million a year! As of last year, particularly in December 2023, Jake Tapper’s total net worth was estimated to be $40 million. Well, as per our guesses, this six-digit figure will again increase this year. Hopefully, by the end of 2024, his net worth will sum up to be around $50 million.

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Jake Tapper’s Career History! 

We can say that the CNN news talk show, Take Five was a game-changing opportunity for him! This happens to be his very first step towards being an anchor. And thus, in 2003, he finally got a place in the ABC Network! From anchoring the show named This Week to regularly hosting other projects like Good Morning America, Nightline, and World News, within a very few years, Jake was able to become an integral part of ABC. It was here that he got a chance to have a one-on-one conversation with President Obama. After all, his excellent reporting and covering of the 2008 presidential election can never be ignored by us. 

Well, his experience with the ABC network has surely helped him a lot to be an immensely successful person in life. Finally, in December 2012, CNN gave him a show titled with his name. Thus we are introduced to The Lead with Jake Tapper. It was undoubtedly a huge thing for him and probably the most important part of his career. Surprisingly, within a year, the show was also lucky enough to bag three National Headliner Awards! The audience was quite impressed with Jake’s highly informative and eye-catching reporting and covering of the Boston Marathon bombing and Oklahoma tornadoes. 

Following this, again in June 2015, Tapper also became the host of another popular CNN show, named State of the Union. In this political program, he is quite known for challenging different types of politicians and has also debated about some of the most harsh crimes happening in the country. The same year, he also carried out two Republican primary debates, out of which the main one was successful in gathering an average of 23.1 million viewers for CNN. Coming down to 2018, Tapper along with Carl Bernstein, Jim Sciutto, and Evan Perez was highly acclaimed for their reporting on the White House. They have also received the Merriman Smith Award for the same.

What Is Jake Tapper’s Current Job Post In The CNN Network? 

If you had a keen watch over the contentious first presidential election debate of 2020, then you must remember all about Tapper’s response! Well, just a year later, before the Inauguration of Joe Biden, CNN gave a huge promotion to Jake Tapper. Henceforth, his role expanded in the network. As a result of which he is still known to be the lead anchor of all major Washington events, including election nights. 

Along with this, we also heard that Dana Bash would be joining Tapper as a co-host on State of the Union. Recently, this year, Tapper was also seen moderating a GOP Primary Debate with Dana Bash. The guests of the day were Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley and the episode had a total viewership of 2.6 million people. 

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Jake Tapper – The Author: Books Penned By Him! 

Where Is Jake Tapper Now? Dissecting His Net Worth And Career History! 

Thanks to Little, Brown and Company which thought of publishing his first novel. This takes us back to April 2018, when the political thriller entitled The Hellfire Club caught everyone’s attention. Centered around corruption and conspiracy in 1950s Washington, in one word this novel was just a masterpiece. Given the sound ratings and reviews of the first book, soon after a gap of three years, we heard about the sequel named The Devil May Dance. Thus, we saw the continuation of the story where we learned further about the lives of Charlie and Margaret Marder. 

Surprisingly, the following year, in 2022, the third volume of this exceptional novel series was also published. All the Demons Are Here also caught the attention of renowned personalities like Maureen Dowd and Kurt Andersen. Apart from this popular trilogy, Tapper has also penned a book named The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor. Interestingly, the name of this non-fiction tale also appeared on the list of The New York Times Best Seller. The way the author narrated this true story, based on the lives of the U.S. troops grounded in Afghanistan, was truly commendable. 

If we are not wrong, around July 2020, we also saw a movie about this book. Director Rod Lurie undoubtedly did complete justice to this intriguing emotional drama. Besides “The Outpost”, Tapper also happens to be the author of Down and Dirty: The Plot to Steal the Presidency. Focusing on the Presidential election of 2002, this book is also worth reading once. Another remarkable work of his was Body Slam: The Jesse Ventura Story (St. Martin’s Press).

Jake Tapper’s Work As A Brilliant Cartoonist!

Before jumping into journalism and the media industry, Jake Tapper also worked as a cartoonist. For almost nine years starting from 1994, his highly fun and entertaining comic strip named Capitol Hell was serialized in Roll Call. Again, he has also designed a bunch of cartoon characters for The American Spectator magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

In 2014, almost for a year, Tapper worked on the introduction of The Complete Peanuts. A few years back, particularly in May 2016, Tapper also guest-illustrated the Dilbert cartoon! Sources further revealed that the original designs and drawings of this project were ultimately auctioned. The money raised through this program was eventually sent to the Troops Foundation. 

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Exploring More About Jake Tapper’s Personal Life!

Yes, there was a time when he went on a date with Monica Lewinsky, but then the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal happened and everything turned upside down! Well, if you want deep insights on their date, then you should surely check out the episode which was released back on 5th October 2021. After almost two decades, both the parties involved decided to answer all the rumors out there. 

This episode from  The Lead with Jake Tapper impressed us a lot. Speaking of his marriage, it was 2006 when Tapper tied his wedding knot with Jennifer Marie Brown. She happens to be the official runner of Planned Parenthood. As of now, their marriage is working at a great pace and they also share two beautiful-looking kids, named Alice and Jack. 

Where Is Jake Tapper Now? Dissecting His Net Worth And Career History! – FAQs

1. Is the renowned journalist and news anchor, Jake Tapper a millionaire?

Yes, the renowned journalist and news anchor, Jake Tapper is a millionaire. 

2. What happens to be the ultimate net worth of Jake Tapper? 

The estimated net worth of the renowned CNN news host, Jake Tapper happens to be around $40 million. 

3. Is Jake Tapper married?

Yes, the lead Washington anchor of CNN, Jake Tapper is married. 

4. How many children does Jake Tapper share with his wife, Jennifer Marie Brown?

Jake Tapper shares a total of two children with his wife, Jennifer Marie Brown. 

5. Is the brilliant journalist Jake Tapper also a cartoonist?

Yes, the brilliant journalist Jake Tapper was also once seen as a cartoonist. 

6. Has Jake Tapper recently bought a mansion in Washington, DC?

Yes, Jake Tapper has recently bought a grand mansion in Washington, DC. 

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