Is Ordinary Angles Based On A True Story? What Are The Rumors Saying? Finding The Truth!

World, after experiencing so much cruelty and cruel people living in it, there are still some good and divine people who mean to help and live for others around them. There are people, who are not stopping doing bad and worst around them but still, people are balancing these devils out in the universe by doing some good deeds for the people really in need, by either providing them medication or even shelter and food.

The American film industry, came up with the film Ordinary Angels, recently on their theatres on 23rd February, 2024. The film was so much loved and supported by the audience in America that is sure to be out on OTT soon. But before that, the reviews of the audiences of the film won all the hearts on the internet. Moreover, the audience’s reviews are the film’s plot, that’s winning over the hearts of the audience. The film, however, shows the good deeds and helping nature of a lady, trying to help cure a child’s illness.

Well, we are here to let you know about the film. The film’s plot, cast, and everything is here in the article. But watching the film, the audience feels if the film is based on some true event or is just a fictional one like others. Well, to even clear this doubt we have covered this part of the audience’s reviews as well. So let us not waste much time and quickly delve deep into the film through the article. 

Is Ordinary Angles Based On A True Story?

Ordinary Angels directed by the famous director of the American film industry, Jon Gunn is winning the hearts of all over the internet. The film is inspired by the true events of Kentucky, in Lousiville. The story features an ill 3-year-old girl, waiting for a liver donor to cure her disease, and when a ransom, hairdresser comes to know about the little girl, she decides to start some campaign and make money and funds, and even the transport is cheaper and easier for the family, to let the girl travel to a different city for her treatment. Well, the further story is in the next panel of the article. 

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What Does The Film Cover?

The film stars Hilary Swank in the lead role of the hero of the entire story of the little girl in the film. It’s the common hairdresser Sharon Stevens Evans, who one day in the newspaper, learns about a divorced father taking care of his two daughters. They both were diagnosed with liver diseases and needed a liver donor, for their transplant. Where Ed Schmitt’s elder daughter Ashley in the year 1991, went through a successful liver transplant, and his younger daughter Michelle at 3 years of age still waited for the donor. 

Evans, however, wanted to help the family so she started a campaign and formed a society so she could raise funds for Micahele to undergo her liver transplant. At the same time, she even arranged for a jet plane to fly Michaele to Omaha, for a successful treatment. It was in the year 1994, the morning of a January day, when all the roads in their city were blocked, no transport nothing. And they got a call from the Omaha hospital about the donor for Michaelle. The donor can’t wait for a long time, for the snow to melt and transport to start. The news was soon spread to the city and came to the ears of Evans.

Evans went on to radio stations to call up for the people and community to be at work. they decided to arrange for a helicopter for Michelle and her father to go to Omaha, which was to be landed on the ground of the Church. But the and of the church was to be cleared which was soon, done successfully, and Michaelle and her father were headed to Omaha for her successful transplant. And the work was done, all thanks to Evans and her community people who made it possible. 

What Happened To Michelle Next?

After her successful liver transplant, Michelle completed her study of medicals, and she was even practicing it with the children there. At the same time, she decided to raise funds for the children undergoing the same problem and thank the community for helping. But her sister Ashely said she couldn’t survive for long. As Michelele died at the age of 30 in the year 2021, due to some disease of stomach. Ashley said, they never thought of surviving so long years, and so did everything they wanted to live their life like other humans, and that they are very thankful to Evans and everyone for helping them so much. 

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