The Crown Prince Has Disappeared Episode 1: Release Date, Storyline And More!

Korean dramas have various genres. One of the most famous genres is the historical one. The audience, K-drama watchers, love dramas that go back in time. One example is Hwarang which starred V, Kim Taehyung, from BTS. Today, we are going to talk about one such K-drama that belongs to the historical genre. The name of the drama is The Crown Prince Has Disappeared. This drama is also known as Missing Crown Prince. The K-drama watchers are already super excited about this drama because it stars EXO’s Suho. Isn’t this interesting?

So, when will the drama air? Do we have any news about it yet? Well, we do have news about it. If you want to know the release date and time of the first episode of the drama, you will have to continue reading this piece of information. We will provide you with information about the release date, time, storyline, and cast of the show. If you are interested to know all this information, we urge you to read this article. Here, we shared all the imperative information about the drama. Therefore, without any further delay let us get to know about Missing Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince Has Disappeared Episode 1: Release Date And More!

Missing Crown Prince is a new drama. This drama has not yet aired. This is an upcoming drama. We already mentioned that the watchers are excited about the drama. Well, the creators postponed the release date of the drama. Initially, the drama was supposed to air on 9th March 2024. However, the creators decided to push the release date of the drama. The Crown Prince Has Disappeared Episode 1 will be released on 13th April 2024 at 9:40 P.M. Korean Standard Time (KST). The drama will be aired on MBN. It will receive its episodes every Saturday and Sunday.

Is the drama based on any Korean manhwa? There is a manhwa of the same name as the drama. However, do not get confused between the two of them. The manhwa has a different storyline than the Korean drama. We do not think that this Korean drama is based on any manhwa. If it were, the creators would have made an official announcement. However, the creators did not make any official announcement regarding the same. Therefore, we think that this Korean drama is not based on any Korean manhwa.

Will the drama have a second season? Korean dramas usually do not have second seasons. Although there are certain exceptions, this holds for most of the K-dramas. Most of the creators wrap up the storyline within the first and only season of Korean dramas. They do not extend the drama to a second season. Now, as mentioned above, there are exceptions. However, Korean dramas receive second seasons rarely. They do not receive second seasons usually. Hence, we think that if the creators wrap up the storyline of the drama within its first season, we will not get any second season.

The Crown Prince Has Disappeared Storyline

The story of the drama revolves around the Crown Prince of the famous Joseon era. The name of the drama suggests something about the drama, but how do you think the Crown Prince disappeared? Is not this impossible? The Crown Prince cannot disappear just like that. He lives under impenetrable security; then who can abduct him? Well, his abduction is carried on by none other than his future wife. This is funny, right? The drama does belong to the comic genre. It is funny.

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The story begins when Yi Gun, the Crown Prince, is kidnapped by Choi Myeong-yoon. She is a high-spirited woman. As per Destiny, she is the future wife of Yi Gun. While both of them are together romance builds between them. Why she kidnaps him, and how she kidnaps him, the creators did not reveal the answers yet. However, they promised us that they want to make a polished version of the drama which is why they pushed the release date by five weeks. If you want to know the storyline of the drama, you will have to wait till 13th April. Till then, we can only predict.

The Crown Prince Has Disappeared: OTT Platform Release Date

As of now, the creators have not confirmed the release date of the drama on any OTT Platform. The series will first air in South Korea on the network MBN. The creators will probably release the drama on any of the OTT platforms later on so that the drama can reach a wider set of audience.

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