Are Drive-Away Dolls Based On A True Story? Are The Gossips True? Seeking The Truth!

Daniel Coel and Ethan Coen are America’s best and most celebrated filmmakers, they can write, direct, and even produce their films, and have a huge list of blockbusters out there in America. They are collectively nicknamed the ‘Coen Brothers’. But this time, it’s a single brother trying to come up with a film and test his luck. Yep, this time it’s just Ethan Coen who along with his wife unofficially, wrote a script for a comedy thriller film, that supports the LGBTQ+ community.

The film to be premiering soon, is holding the hearts of its fans with utter excitement because of the trailer that has come up.

While some part of people say, it is going to be an exciting one to watch, on the other side there are a group of people who say that the extra spice of Daniel Coen will be missing. Well, what is happening and what is missing will be disclosed once the film is released. But what is the film?

The film Drive-Away Dolls is a lesbian film that is co-written by Ethan Coen and his wife Tiricia Cooke. But with the release of the trailer, there’s floating news, that the film is based on a true story. Is It for real? Well, to let you know all of these rumors and even the cast and plot of the film, we are here. So why should we waste time in chit-chats, let us quickly move into it to know more about it. 

Are Drive-Away Dolls Based On A True Story?

The film Drive-Away Dolls is scheduled to be released on February 23, 2024, in theatres in the United States. Well, with the release of its trailer, the fans have gone crazy to watch it, in the same way, few have been in the delusion that it is a true story. So is it true? Well, in answer to that there are not many talks or reports by the makers of the film’s story basis. But, yes it is sometimes revealed, that a few part of the film is based on the exercises of Cooke, Coen’s wife, while she drove off to the Sapphic bars. All the scenarios around her are put up fictionally in the film itself. 

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What Will The Film Cover?

The film is a lesbian film, where two friends soon turn into a couple when they drive off for their vacation to get a free life. But the destinies had different plans for them, the vehicle they rented from a showroom, had them unknowingly driven with some illegal things. Not this becomes a fall-apart situation for them. They have already come off many breakups and anxieties, and now when they decided to take a leave this all happened. 

Well, the film starts with a girl named Jamie played by the famous Margaret Qualley. She was pissed off at her girlfriend who was cheating on her with another girl. But this time she caught her red-handed and finally broke off with her. On the other side, her friend MArian played by Geraldine Vishwanathan is pissed off by her life struggles and the challenges at every turn of her life. So they both insist on each other and decide to go on a trip alone. 

Now when they decided to drive to their vacation place, they were caught by the cops for carrying illegal things on their car. Unknown of the facts, and the deed of the owner of the car, they both have to sit on the cop station and pay off their deed. Now, what will happen to them? Will they be caught or left? Will they enjoy their vacations? Everything ill is known once the film is released. 

Who Will Be Seen In The Film?

A short and sweet list of cast members has been assigned for the film, as it revolves majorly around the two lesbian couples, who try to escape from the worst situations in their life, but end up being in the worst only. The two protagonists are Marian played by Geraldine Vishwanathan and Jamie played by Margaret Qyually. The others joining them are, Sukie by Beanie Feldstein, Flint by C.J. Wilson, Arliss by Joey Slotinck, Curlie by Bill Camp, Sabtos by Pedro Pascal, Tiffany by Miley Cyrus, Gary Channel by Matt Damon and the chief by Colam Domingo. 

Where Will The Film Release?

Well, on the official release date which is on 23rd February 2024, the film will be released in theatres, and then by March 2024 is expected to come on some OTT platforms. 

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