Gene Of AI Season 2 Release Date. What Are The Rumors Saying? Spilling The Facts!

AI for a few years has completely stepped upon the world. From restaurants to receptions and hospitals everywhere, robots and AI are working fast. This not only takes up the job of many many humans but at the same time, makes the jobs easier and faster. The work which needs hours to be completed AI does it in a few minutes. But with advantages, come disadvantages too. Movies are the best source of telling the world about every innovation that comes up in the universe. And now, with the emerging fans of Anime, this too has become the best source. 

So to tell the world and its fans about the futuristic world and how it looks, the Japanese industries came up with manga in recent years, With people loving this manga, they decided to adapt an anime and present it to the world. With the commencement of the first season, the fans really loved it, and now they expect season 2 to come soon. Well, to let you know about this topic we are here.

From the anime’s plot to the voice cast and characters in the series, we have everything covered in this article. Also the answer to your favorite and most demanded question, When will it return? we will let you know every piece of information right now right here. You just have to stay connected with us through this interesting and exciting article. 

Gene Of AI Season 2 Release Date 

The anime adaptation of the manga Gene Ai made its debut on the official page on 8th July 2023. With a total of 12 episodes released the series made its termination of the first season on 30th September, 2023. Now, with almost a year gone since the season’s termination, fans are expecting season 2 to come up to their screens very soon. But when? Well, the makers of the anime series have yet not made the announcement about the specific release date of season 2 but, is surely on the way to production and will come up soon this year, in July or July. 

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What Does The Anime Cover?

The anime shows the futuristic world of robots, and they are acquired from all kinds of diseases like humans only. The robots are therefore unlikely to get ill or acquire diseases like the humans, but still here in the anime, it’s shown that these robots have acquired face and sin diseases which a doctor named, Dr. Sudo is treating. But at the same time, there even is some illegal work going on besides this treatment of the robots.

The series begins with Dr. Sudo working on some human-kind robots, that have accommodated the 10% of the world’s population. They live like humans, walk, talk, and do all kinds of normal activities. Now, as time passes, Dr. Sudo finds that these robots have catered to having diseases like humans, and so he finds some remedies to get rid of such things. Dr. Sudo finds some illegal means to keep it a secret from robots and challenges humanity and ethics at the same time. At the same time, Dr. Sudo is trying to find ways to help the world get friendly with these AI robots and give them space amongst themselves in public and personal areas. 

Voice Cast Of The Anime

The animation has a huge list of characters, voiced by many Japanese and English actors and actresses. However, the character of the anime includes, Jikaru Sudo by Takeo Otsuka, Jay by Mutuski Iwanaka, Kaoru by Natsumi Takamori, Risa Higuchi by Yume Miyamoto, Michi by Yuka Terasaki, Father by Eiji Hanawa, Seto n Atushi Tamau, Perm by Yumilo Kobayashi. Leon Miyoshi by Hibiku Yamamura, Little girl by Risae Matsda, Shinohara byNatsuki Ahane, Tui Fui by Marina Inoue, Subaru Ryugasaki by Shogo Sakara, Kriyama by Jin Urayama, Jun by Shoya Ishige, Boy by Shizula IShigami, Shizuka by Akiha Matsui, Nokano by Ruriko Aoki Nasu by Yoshiyuli Shimouzuma, Old Woman by Kanata Tanaka, Mariko by Ayumi Yonemaru, Girlfriend by Yuki Anandi, Staff by Takahiro Shibano, Director b Takashi NArumi, Classmate A by Haruki Miyase, Classmate B Akito Obune, Classmate C by Arisa Tsuruno and mnay more. 

Where Is The Anime Available?

The series is available on Crunchyroll on its official website. 

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