Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 252 Release Date. When Is It Coming Back? Sooner Or Later!

Japanese manga series have been one of the most read series these days. In earlier times, it used to excite and await only the fans from Japan, but now, the books and novels are translated into English majorly to sell copies of the magazines and novels all over the world. Well, to be loved by its fans, the series has got some reasons. Its amazing plot, images, and characters all withstand the expectations of the fans every time a manga is released, and this helps them to stay for years. 

This time, we are back with another manga series, that has been running since the year 2018 and is still going to release its new chapters, every week. The manga is “Jujutsu Kaisen”. This manga has even gone through a light novel adaptation and an anime adaptation which was released in Crunchyroll, from the year 2020 to 2023. But the fans are l;oving to read these manga series even today. And so is the reason it is releasing new chapters even today 3 years after its debut. 

Well, you must have understood why we are here. Yes, we are going to discuss with you more about the series today. From the plot to the characters and every small s[ppiler of the series is here. Along with it, we will also let you know the release date of the new chapter and everything more about the manga. So let us not waste time and move into the series. 

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 252 Release Date

The manga written by the famous Gege Akutami made its debut in the year 2018, and since then it has been going on till now and has yet not stopped with the thing. Thus fans have showered so much love and support from their heart to the manga, that even the writer couldn’t stop writing new plots for them. And now, with almost 251 chapters already released, fans are eagerly waiting for the next chapter 252 to be released soon. So the date for the new chapter is scheduled to be March 3, 2024, on Sunday. 

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What Does The Manga Show?

The manga, Jijutsu Kaisen, shows the world where the number of curses is increasing, as the people living in there give out Cursed Energy due to the negative emotions flowing in them. Though this can’t be stopped ever, the people there have to face a lot of challenges. But at the same time, when these curses are planning to crash humanity from the world, on the other side, the sorcerers or the jujutsu group of people are working to kill off these curses by pleasing people to stop bringing any negative emotions in themselves, thus minimizing the exit of Cursed Energy.

The manga basically shows the protagonist and a young boy, Yuji Itadori, who is brave from birth and has done many good works for society. He joined the world of jujutsu after knowing curses to be really dangerous too. Once, while he was trying to help his friend get rid of the curses, he swallowed a curse rotting finger, after which he was cursed with an immensely powerful energy named Sukuna Roymen. 

Recap Of The Series

In its last chapters, the message shows how Yuji helped his friend by chance curse himself And now, the entire group of cursed energies, are behind him to take revenge on him. But Yuji decides to get rid of this power, and help people, by joining, Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College, which teaches people to get rid of these cursed powers. Yuji with his friends and teacher, Gojo sets off on a journey.

While, on a journey, Yuji finds many unknown facts about himself, that how much bravery he has hidden in himself. Not only this but also he along with his friend Nobara Kugisaki, Megumi Fushiguro, and the guide Gojo himself, sets on a fight with the cursed every behind Sukuna, trying to kill it and not rather be heavy on their heads. But will they win the fight? Will the cursed energy leave the world and humanity will win over them? Well, to know thee you must read the new chapters of manga coming up soon. 

Where Can You Read It?

Fans can read the manga on MANGA Plus, Jump Plus, and Viz Media’s websites.

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