What Is The Net Worth Of Pranjal Kamra?

Many of you may be very well aware of the name Pranjal Kamra or Finology. It is absolutely true that when you are looking for education in the stock market sector the only name that comes into our mind is Pranjal Kamra and his videos which only started with a thousand subscribers at first have now ended up being an Empire that almost every investor out there trusts. For all those who don’t know anything about Pranjal Kamra, he is a very famous youtuber who makes videos in the finance sector as well as he is the founder of the fintech company Finology which is basically a one-stop solution to all your trading needs. Now there are many stock market gurus, and Institutions which are available out there but something has always been different in the way of teaching of Pranjal which is one of the main reasons that people from all over India have trusted him so much in the market. Along with that, he is also a very well-known writer who has educated thousands of people on the stock market with his best-seller book.

Now the main question that we have received from fans all over the world is regarding what is the net worth of Pranjal Kamra. Apart from his own Investments which he has mastered and slowly built over the last few years, we also need to consider the amount of money or wealth he has built from his own company. Earning money was as if his only goal in life because his first ever business module was selling comic books and CDS when he was only in Class 5 which is quite impressive when we look at the time and age he was doing it in. To know more about Pranjal Kamra read this article till the end.

Who Is Pranjal Kamra?

What Is The Net Worth Of Pranjal Kamra?

Now for all those who are new to the stock market sector, you will slowly get to know the name Pranjal Kamra very well. He is basically a YouTuber, who started his YouTube journey about 7 to 8 years ago and his main aim was to educate every Indian who has a dream of investing and trading in the stock market. He actually started his career as a lawyer and soon he realized that his dream was to actually become a master of the Indian stock market, and that is when he decided that he is going to study at the National Institute of Security Market which was basically the first stepping stone to where he stands now.

Following that soon he also wrote his own book which goes by the name “Investonomy: The Stock Market Guide That Makes You Rich” which was instantly a best seller when it came out in the year 2020, along with that he is also the CEO of Finology which is a company, that has multiple courses and options for people who have a dream of building career in the stock market.

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Pranjal Kamra Net Worth

Although it has never been openly mentioned by Pranjal himself, according to our sources and proper research, one thing that we can assure you at first is that based on his age and Lifestyle, Pranjal is quite rich. He is currently earning from his YouTube channel as well as his own company from which he yearly draws a salary, along with that he has also got his expertise in the stock market sector. Overall he has got about a total net worth of 25 to 30 crores. However, it is not very confirmed but just an approximate estimation. Along with that this guy surely has got a lot of potential to build his life further slowly.

Pranjal Kamra Family And Other Information 

Pranjal Kamra was born on the 16th of February 1993 in Raipur Chhattisgarh. Following that he has got a sibling whose name is Priyanshi Kamra, along with his parents are Ravi Kamra and Madhu Kamra. Pranjal actually comes from a very economically moderate family, but this guy has surely got a lot of Dreams. Pranjal is currently unmarried, but according to all sources, he has a girlfriend who is also the co-founder of his company, Priya Jain. According to most sources, Pranjal was never a very top-notch student but as we see he has surely got his priorities well aligned.

He has done his education from Holy Cross Senior Secondary School, and Hidayatullah National Law University Raipur. Following that as we all know he did his post-graduation from the National Institute of Security Market Maharashtra.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Pranjal Kamra?

He is the CEO of Finology and also finance influencer.

2.What is the net worth of Pranjal Kamra?

Approximately the net worth of his is 25-30 crores.

3.Is Pranjal Kamra married?

No, he is not married currently.

4.Does Pranjal Kamra have a girlfriend?

Yes, his girl friend is currently a co founder in his own company as well.

5.Does Pranjal Kamra have any children?

No, he has got no children.

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