The Hungry and The Hairy Season 2 Release Date: Is The Celebrity Duo Back?

Ever been in one of those mesmerizing trips with your best friend? The Hungry and The Hairy gives you a similar experience on your phone or tablet screens. In today’s article, you will find us discussing about The Hungry and The Hairy Season 2 release date.

Road trips with your best friend is something that you might plan on doing in your dream free time. Two Korean celebrity buddies have shown us how to do it in the right manner and the best way. Apart from talking about The Hungry and The Hairy Season 2 release date, we will also tell you more about this wonderful series.

The Hungry and The Hairy Season 2 Release Date: Is It Confirmed?

Roaming freely does not always mean wandering deep into the wilderness around you. It does not necessarily mean challenging the nature like Bear Grylls does. Sometimes, it might be just going out with your close friend and enjoying the culture as you go. You might find a lot of travel documentaries out there that preach the same message. But The Hungry and The Hairy has made it more lively and worth enjoying. This is actually a documentary series about roadtrips by two Korean celebrities. Since they happen to be close friends, the series is a genuine fun time.

Over all this time, The Hungry and The Hairy Season 1 has made a couple of headlines over social media. Apart from the Korean celebrity craze, travel enthusiasts have taken their time to enjoy this roadtrip documentary. Although the pair of people leading this appears an unlikely pair, they are natural. The teo celebrities have fun and enjoy their trips on motorbikes. As they travel from different places, their personalities mix well with the environment. Both of them are free spirited souls who are having the best time of their lives.

What more could anyone expect? Well, that’s why people are curious about any upcoming season. So, what is The Hungry and The Hairy Season 2 release date? Will the docu-series have any sequel up ahead? Right now, we have no news about The Hungry and The Hairy Season 2 release date. The first part of this series came out in 2021 – till then, the studio have not released any statement. In order to have a The Hungry and The Hairy Season 2 release date, the celebrities will have to take their time. They must plan a new exciting roadtrip route.

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The Hungry and The Hairy: Just Relax And Have Fun

Just in case you have completely missed The Hungry and The Hairy Season 1, don’t worry at all. After reading this article, I hope you will understand the aim of the show. The Hungry and The Hairy features two famous celebrities of Korea. Jung Ji-hoon, or Rain, and Ro Hung-chul, are the leading pairs of this show. Rain is known as the Hungry one, while Ro Hung-chul is the Hairy one. Rain loves food but due to his strict diet, he takes one meal per day. Ro Hung-chul hosts reality shows and has shaved his beard for this. 

Over the years, the two celebrities have grown closer. You can almost consider them as best friends at this point; the way Rain and Hung-chul pokes fun at each other is the best. They might be actors singers or talk show hosts, but their two worlds have mixed perfectly. The Hungry and The Hairy Season 1 starts off by showing us these two friends meeting each other. Within a very short period of time, Rain and Hung-chul starts to get along. We see them discussing about their families while spending time at the Burger restaurant.

Jeju Island is known for its infamous volcano and mesmerizing seashores. I know Netflix is paying for their trip, but Rain’s heavy duffel bag does not add up. Neither does Hung-chul’s extra underwear, but let’s not go there. The wonderful background soon gets overcast with a rain as the two friends keep talking. Rain and Hung-chul rushes into their BMW to get to their AirBnB. The next couple of days are all about dreamy Harley Davidson rides through Busan, rock climbing at Gochang and walks along the flowery lined Jeju roads.

The Team Behind The Hungry and The Hairy And Official Streaming Platform Of The Korean Show 

Roh Hung-chul and Jeon Ji-hoon are the leading celebrity pairs in this Korean docu-series. The famous show host and popular actor-singer starts a wonderful journey together exploring emerald coloured scapes to high altitude climbing tracks. If you are a travel enthusiast, I suggest you not to miss this series at all. Since we have not received any news or update on The Hungry and The Hairy Season 2 release date, its better to wait. If you want to watch The Hungry and The Hairy Season 1, please head on to Netflix.

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