Marry My Husband Season 2 Release Date: Is JiWon Coming Back?

Illicit affairs of your partner are destined to break your heart and it’s devastating. But very few have the strength to extract proper revenue. Marry My Husband presents such a plot. Today, we will talk about Marry My Husband Season 2 release date.

The story revolves around a heartbreaking tale where someone’s partner is cheating. When she finds it out, she plans on to take action – this is where the drama begins. Apart from talking about Marry My Husband Season 2 release date, we will talk about the plot of this Kdrama.

Marry My Husband Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know

I am sure that Korean Drama fans are having a great time out here since the last couple of years. We have seen action adventure dramas like All Of Us Are Dead or Sweet Home. On the other hand, we have seen romantic Kdramas King The Land and Business Proposal Over time, Kdramas have evolved – writers have implemented a lot of strategies and twists in their story. This is what takes Korean Dramas to the next level. Marry My Husband belongs to the category of Kdramas that deal with complexities of human relationships.

The story might seem like all these cliché relationship dramas, but Marry My Husband is far away from those. It tells us the story of two people who are in a relationship. Everything goes well until one of them starts cheating on their partner. It was about time when the girl discovers this. But instead of confronting him directly, she plans something more interesting. How the entire thing plays out is definitely worth watching. People have loved this Korean drama so far which is evident from it’s popularity.

Now, some of you might be interested about a sequel of this. In fact, some people want to know if there will be a second part someday. So, what is Marry My Husband Season 2 release date? Will a sequel be released in the upcoming days? Right now, there’s no official update on Marry My Husband Season 2 release date. Romantic Kdramas usually end in one season – and there is usually a happy ending. But if the writers decide on it, we might hear news about Marry My Husband Season 2 release date.

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Marry My Husband: An Romance And Revenge Drama

Have you ever thought how you will react if you ever found your partner cheating on you? Moreover, the situation will not be good at all if you know you have limited time, right? This is the exact story of Kang Jiwon, the female protagonist of this Kdrama. Marry My Husband starts off by telling us about Kang Jiwon and her husband Park MinHwan. Although the duo have been a couple for sometime now, things are not going good between them at all. Kang Jiwon has fallen ill with cancer, and she is in a pretty bad stage. According to medical reports, Jiwon is living with a limited amount of time in her hands.

In her worst time, she expected her husband Park and her best friend Jung Soo Min to be close with her. But the moment Park came to know that Jiwon was terminally ill, he started cheating on her with Jung Soo Min. When Jiwon caught them, she could not help but physically start fighting. Park wanted to get rid of her and so, eventually killed Jiwon. Unexpectedly, Kang Jiwon was reborn a decade back from the day of her death. In this new chance, Jiwon has let Jung Soo Min marry Park. This time, we get to see Yoo Ji Hyeok, who happens to be Jiwon’s departmental chief. Yoo Ji has a huge crush on Kang Jiwon and they will probably end up being together. Jiwon has a dream of taking revenge on Park for killing her and hurting her badly. 

Is Marry My Husband Based On A True Story? Or Is It Fictional?

This Korean drama is actually an adaptation from a manhwa under the same name. Sungsojak and LICO has been behind Marry My Husband manhwa for all this time. Otakus love the storyline and they definitely want to see more from Kang Jiwon. 

The Team Behind Marry My Husband And Official Streaming Platform Of The Kdrama

Park Min-young shines as Kang Jiwon, the 37 year old girl who gets a second chance at living her life. Other notable cast members include Gong Min-jeung, Song Ha-yoon, Na In-woo, Lee Gi-kwang, and Lee Yi-kyung. All the 16 episodes of first season are there to watch. Since Marry My Husband Season 2 release date is still under the scanner, we will wait. If you want to watch Marry My Husband, please head on to Amazon Prime Video.

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