Is Salute Based On A True Story? Finding The Truth About The Cop Film!

Cop-verse films are the best genre films ever released by the Indian film Industry. It has accumulated a fanbase from all ages of people, not leaving a single. They have always been the best place for a combination of all genre films, from crime to suspense and thrill whatever you want you will get in the films cop-verse. Talking about cop-verse films from the Indian film industry will undoubtedly strike at your brain, Singham movies and its hero Ajay Devgan. But, here Malayalam film industry, is also back with its cop-verse film, which will now force you to think of this film as well when someone talks about cop-verse.

Yes, it is sure to be felt this way. The film you will always think of is Salute and its hero Dalquer Salmaan. But why? To know all the whys and what’s going on in your mind after reading its fantastic introduction, you must read this article till the end, and then we are sure all your whys and whats will have an answer. Well, the answer to all your questions is here in this article. Yes, and also a quick go through to the film’s story and cast, is covered up in the next panel of the article. 

But above all of these, we have something else for you. Can you guess it? Ok, wait. There has been a question evolving in the brains of the movie’s fans about the film’s basis. Yes, they have been asking if the film is a true story-based film or adapted from any book. So to cover even this part of brain questions, we are here. Then let us not waste even a moment and move further to know about the film.

Is Salute Based On A True Story? 

Salute is a Malayalam language Indian film, that made its debut on the screens of audiences on 17th March 2022. The film was first scheduled to be released on the auspicious occasion of Sankranti in theatres, but due to the increasing cases of Omicron in India, the release was re-scheduled. But then, what crawled into the maker’s mind, we don’t know, they decided not to release the film in theatres and instead go with the OTT platform, and released it on Sony LIV. 

The trailer of the film had already made its Malayalam fans go crazy about the film’s plot and the actions and crime it covered in the trailer. They were bound to think of the entire movie’s plot if it had such an impressive trailer. Then comes the film and leaves an impact on the hearts and tounges of its fans. But, there is a question evolving if the story of the film was true. But, the truth was the film is fictional and nothing is adapted in it. 

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Story Behind The Film

Salute begins showing up in the mystery murder case, which is being invested by the elder brother of sub-inspector, Aravind Karunakaran. His elder brother Ajith was the Deputy Superintendent and also the lead investigator of the team finding the truth about the criminal behind this murder, and they captivated and put a person named, Murali behind bars. But, when the truth came, except Arvind all others decided to keep themselves on the safe side, and not to tell the truth to the world, but Aravind resigned his job.

Later, when he returned back to the town, for his niece’s marriage, he found a clue and decided to join back the job of subinspector. He was then supported by his colleagues and his brother, to find the culprit and release Murali, an innocent auto driver. Aravind found that the culprit was faking different identities for every murder he did that he was dead in an accident, and his face was destroyed completely. But he finds a letter that seemed to be written a day before the criminal’s death. This is where the film ends, with Aravind, Ajith, Alex, and Pramod being suspended and Murali out of jail.

Cast Of The Film

The film involves, SI Aravind, played by Dulquer Salmaan, his elder brother and Dy.S.P. Ajith played by Manoj K. Jayan, Dia as Arvvind’s lover by Diana Penty, Ajith’s wife by Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Augustine Thmas by Saikuma, Malavika by Saniya Iyappan, Marar by Alencier Ley Lopez, Pramod Peter by Binu Pappu, Mahesh by Boan Alummoodan, Thampi by Rajesh Sharma, Naveen by Ntont Thomas, Jhansi by Monisha Arshak, Mueeb by Balan Parakkal, Murali T.S. by Vinod Sagar, Royce by Irshad, Sam Eapan Koshy by Ramu and many others. 

Where Is The Film Available?

The film Salute is streaming on the Sony LIV app. 

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