Nidhi Nagori’s Net Worth: What Is The Social Media Influencer Doing Now?

Social media is a platform that is known to all the people around the world. It is therefore a wide platform. Social media allows hundreds of people to earn their livelihood. Yes, this is the reality. If you can gain a certain amount of followers on any of the social media platforms, you are capable of monetizing your platform. This technique is used by many to earn their living. Social media influencers are popular in this area of the market. They have impeccable marketing skills, and they know how to monetize their accounts for their own advantage. Today we will talk about one such social media influencer who made a name for herself as a popular figure in India. Her name is Nidhi Nagori. 

Nidhi Nagori is a popular social media influencer. She talks mostly about finance and career in her social media platforms. Now that she has made a name for herself, you must be curious to know about her net worth. What is the net worth of Nidhi Nagori? Is she a billionaire? Where does she stay? To know answers to these questions, you will have to continue reading our article. We shared all the information regarding the social media influencer who is immensely popular in India.

Nidhi Nagori’s Net Worth

Since Nidhi Nagori is a popular face on social media, you must be thinking that she earns in lacs. You are not wrong. Nidhi Nagori is indeed popular on social media. She is not only a social media influencer but also a Chartered Accountant. Social media is not her main hustle. Since people are using social media to their own advantage, Nidhi Nagori is also using her social media platforms to make herself known all across the world. 

She is also the founder of Globalogy. Globalogy is a platform where you can seek information about education, career, and finance. If you want to immigrate to abroad for your career or for studying or probably for business, you can refer to Globalogy for more information. Therefore, from this we can say that Nidhi Nagori is also an entrepreneur. She runs a business of her own online. 

Since Nidhi Nagori works in so many areas, what must be her net worth? Well, Nidhi Nagori is having a net worth of $1-2million. She has earned her fortune through her hard work. She did not always have an easy path in life. Instead, she had to surmount various hardships in her life. Nidhi has reached this stage of her life after a lot of struggle. Today she is a face known all around the world. She is a popular figure. She made herself popular all by herself.

Nidhi Nagori’s Early Life

Nothing much is known about the early life of Nidhi Nagori. However, it is known that she was raised and brought up in India. 

Nidhi was a diligent student all her life. Her family members have renowned professional careers like those of doctors and engineers. Most of her family members belong from a background of Science. She is the only child in the family who belongs from a background of Commerce. She decided to pursue CA after she graduated from high school. Nidhi was determined to achieve her goal. She wanted to become a CA, and she is a CA now. She did achieve her goal and dream. 

Nidhi Nagori’s Struggle

As mentioned earlier, Nidhi Nagori did not have a smooth pathway towards her goal. She had various impediments on her way to success. The worst of everything was getting bullied. Yes, you read it right. Nidhi Nagori was a victim of bullying. When she was young and in school, she was bullied for her skin colour. 

Since Nidhi has a darker skin tone; she was bullied because of that. She was also bullied for her physical appearance. This drastically affected her self confidence. Nidhi started to deem herself as incompetent and inept. She lost all hopes. 

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Her misery was aggravated when she faced rejection in her career. She applied for a job for articleship, and she was rejected. Nidhi was heartbroken. She shared that the rejection felt even bitterer than losing her father. Overall, she had to suffer a lot. 

However, Nidhi’s journey did not end there. Although she lost hopes momentarily, she did not stop in her tracks. She kept on studying and applying for jobs. Finally, she got accept at one of the places. Now, Nidhi is a famous CA who delivers advice on finance, career and education on her social media platforms. 

She currently lives in the U.S.A. with her husband. Her husband is a cardiologist, and she is a CA. They have a happy family together. We do not know anything much about her private life.

Nidhi Nagori’s Social Media

If you want to connect with Nidhi Nagori, you can do so on Instagram. We provided the link the to her profile here. 

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