Pluto Season 2: The Intriguing Sci-Fi Anime

The basic thought of committing a crime or an offense is pretty common for the human mind. But is it normal for a robot to do so? The series Pluto shows us that it might be possible and in this article, we will talk about Pluto Season 2.

The series revolves around a world where there is no chaos due to the arrival of robots. But still, someone gets murdered and there are no hints of a human on the scene. Apart from telling you about Pluto Season 2, we will also let you experience the Intriguing atmosphere of this animation series through our article.

Pluto Season 2: Everything That Is Possible 

It is the basic nature of a human being to commit an error. Most of the time it happens by chance, in the most uncontrollable and unexpected manner. But when someone makes a mistake, an offense in a planned way, in a vengeful manner, it’s wrong. That no longer remains a mistake and the Law considers it a crime. Pluto takes us into an orderly world where there is no chance for a human to commit a crime. Despite being so much free from chaos, a murder happens totally straight out of the blue. That’s why a detective starts to investigate the case and he comes across a lot of eerie stuff.

This animation series has received a lot of positive responses and reviews from viewers till now. Well, the idea behind this anime is based on the manga that has the same name. Naoki Urasawa gained a lot of fame and respect after he wrote the manga. We have waited for years to get a proper anime adaptation of such an intriguing plot and now we have got it. If you have not watched Pluto yet, you are really missing out a lot. This anime is literally a masterpiece – it shows us the downsides of a world where artificial intelligence dominates the future.

Now that we have received a whole season of Pluto from the studio, fans are curious about the future of this series. Many of them want to know what will happen to this series after the first season. So, what is the Pluto Season 2 release date? Did the makers confirm anything regarding this? Sorry to break it to you, but no. We still have no official news or update about Pluto Season 2. As long as we have nothing left in the bag for the plot of Pluto, we should hope for a new season. Considering how popular this series has become, a second run is probably some time away from happening.

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Pluto: When AI Becomes A Terror For Everyone

You must have watched the movie I, Robot by Will Smith? It was where highly advanced robots went rogue and tried to harm human lives. This action was completely against the existing laws of Robotics and the normal nature of robots. Pluto brings to us a similar crisis where the intelligent robotic beings have probably gone rogue. The anime takes the viewers to a futuristic high-tech face of the world where humans have managed to establish strong order. In this timeline, human beings and artificial intelligence live together peacefully as contemporary beings.

In Pluto, we get to know about the seven most advanced and most perfect robots to exist out there. They have their human allies too, but something goes horribly wrong soon. Nobody expects this to happen, but Pluto takes us through a bloody course of murder. Montblanc, the legendary Swiss fighter robot, gets murdered all of a sudden. It was famous for it’s valuable contribution to the 39th Asian War. When Montblanc went dark, everyone mourned including the AIs around the world. But soon, the murder mystery starts to get horrifying and quite intriguing.

To investigate the murder, the Europol Organisation appointed Gesicht to look into the matter. He is a war veteran and a renowned detective – soon, he finds out that there is a strange fact about this murder. Geischt comes across a weird entity named Pluto. And some conspiracy is going on and all the robots are on the list of getting blown into pieces, one by one. He soon starts to investigate the case and it is literally a race – a race to restore equilibrium. However, the creepiest thing that Geischt does not know is that he and his companion robot are also up there on the list. 

The Team Of Voice Actors Behind Pluto And the Official Streaming Platform Of The Anime

Shinshu Fuji delivers a good performance as the voice behind war veteran and efficient detective Geischt. Other notable voice actors include Toshio Furukawa, Eizou Tsuda, Hideyuki Tanaka, Minori Suzuki, Michio Hanama, Hidenobu Kiuchi, Toshihiko Seki, Romi Park, Rikiya Koyama, Mamoru Miyano, Koichi Yamadera and many more. As long as there is no announcement about Pluto Season 2, you will have to wait. Meanwhile, you can watch Pluto Season 1 on Netflix.

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