Beast Tamer Season 2: Release Date, Storyline And More!

Animals are an imperative part of the society. What if you could employ the prowess of animals in your everyday life? That would have been wonderful, right? Sadly, we cannot do that. However, whatever is not possible in this real world, it is possible in the world of manga and manhwa. The anime that we are going to talk about today is based on this concept. The protagonist of the anime harnesses the energy of the animals for his benefit. You can probably recognize this anime. Yes, we are talking about Beast Tamer. Beast Tamer is one such anime that is loved by many Otakus across the world.

Beast Tamer has only one season. After the release of the first season of the anime, the audience questioned the possibility of a second season. What are the chances for a second season to be made? Will there be a Beast Tamer Season 2? What do you think? We have assembled all the information here so that you can get your answers to your questions. Here, we will discuss the possibilities of a second season, the synopsis of the anime in brief, its characters, and some other information about the anime. Therefore, let us dive into the information without any further delay.

Beast Tamer Season 2: Release Date And More!

Beast Tamer has only one season as of now. The first season of the anime was released towards the end of 2022. Beast Tamer Season 1 has 13 episodes. After the release of the finale episode of the anime, Otakus questioned whether there would be a second season of Beast Tamer. There is no news regarding the Beast Tamer Season 2. The creators are not stating anything about the second season of the anime. What are the possibilities for a second season?

The manga of Beast Tamer is an ongoing one. Suzu Miyama is continuing the manga version of the actual light novel to date. The creators adapted the first half of the manga. Other parts of the manga are left to be adapted by the creators. If the creators decide to adapt the manga for a second season, they will not run out of material. The creators will have enough material to adapt for the anime. If we consider this possibility, the anime has a 50% chance of returning for Season 2.

However, even if there is enough material for a second season, the creators did not give a green signal for a second season of Beast Tamer. They are not revealing anything about the second season of the anime. There were some rumours about the release of the anime’s Season 2 in 2023, but they were all false. As of now, the creators did not state anything about the release of the second season of the anime. There may be a second season, there may not be a second season. If the creators state anything about the second season of the anime, we will let you know.

Beast Tamer Season 1 Storyline

The storyline of the first season of Beast Tamer revolves around Rein. Rein is a beast tamer. This means he has the powers required to tame a beast, an animal. He was a member of Arios’ party, however, he faces expulsion from the party because the lead member considers him to be weak.

Rein has the power to make contracts with animals. This helps him obtain some of their energy while it also lets him control them. When Rein faces expulsion, he leaves the party. Heartbroken, he does not know what to do from there on. Nevertheless, fate has something different in store for him. Rein saves the feline Kanade. Kanade is a member of the cat tribe. Rein does not let go of the opportunity. He forms a contract with Kanade and obtains some of her powers. Consequently, Rein becomes super powerful.

Rein forms contracts with other felines as well and gains superpowers. Slowly and steadily, he forms a party of his own that comprises the powerful felines. Rein’s party becomes more influential than Arios’ party. What will happen when both the parties face each other? If you want to know your answers, you will have to watch the anime Beast Tamer.

Beast Tamer Characters

The characters of Beast Tamer include Rein Shroud, Kanade, Tania, Sora, Stella Enplace, Luna, Nina, Iris, Tina Hollee, Rifa, and Arios Orlando.

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Atsushi Nigorikawa is the director of Beast Tamer Season 1. A bunch of producers were behind the production of this anime.

Beast Tamer Streaming Platform

You can stream Beast Tamer on Crunchyroll.

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