Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 68 Release Date: Spoilers, Recap & More

What if we could talk to different weapons? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Absolute Sword Sense shows us such an impossible scenario. In this article, we will talk about Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 68 release date.

The story revolves around a man who somehow loses his life. In his new chance, he has become a strong warrior who can understand swords better than anyone in the whole world. Apart from talking about Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 68 release date, we will also tell you more about the storyline of this manhwa.

Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 68 Release Date: Let’s Take A Look 

Manhwas have always been a great escape for us, the readers. They have always heightened our imaginations and taken them to next levels. Be it fictional fantasy characters or idols with mythical powers, otakus have read them all. Absolute Sword Sense is one of those manhwas. It has grown surrounding the idea of reincarnation, but within a specific angle. The MC does not start over from his birth, but he gets another chance to relive his last decades. The story is actually about a man who was always a dark spot in comparison to his lineage. 

So, one day, he somehow starts to work under a notorious group. Due to this incident, he loses his life in one of the fights. Luckily, he discovers himself reborn in a particular point in time. He is now a skilful warrior who has the power to relive and rewrite his own fate. Absolute Sword Sense has been around for a pretty long time now – we have had 67 chapters. Otakus have mixed feelings about this manhwa – some of them does not like how overpowered the MC is. According to some, he overshadows other characters and subplots.

But for most of the chapters, people have genuinely appreciated the artworks and story. Now, they are curious if there is any upcoming chapter or not. So, what is Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 68 release date? When are we getting a new chapter? Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 68 release date is 29th January, 2024, Monday. This is fixed for Australia, Korea and Japan. But for people living in Canada, London, Los Angeles, Philippines and Indonesia, the schedule is different. There, Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 68 release date is 28th January, 2024, Sunday.

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Absolute Sword Sense: A New Journey For WoonHwi Soh

For all the readers out there, you already know how far Absolute Sword Sense has come. But still, in this part, we will provide you with a short recap of the story. Absolute Sword Sense tells us about the poor life of WoonHwi Soh. He is the main character of our story and the hero of our storyline. In the plot, we see WoonHwi as a weak individual who receives misbehaviour from everyone. His family disowns him and considers him as a proper ‘Black Sheep’. WoonHwi is really in a pathetic condition.

His spirit core was no longer there, so he became a weak spot for even his clan. WoonHwi did not want to do this, but one day, his life started to be in turmoil. WoonHwi fell prey into the hands of a dangerous clan, the Blood Cult. But due to his weak status, the clan also started to mistreat him. In the Blood Cult, WoonHwi was nothing more than a spy. He was one of those minions who used to serve as a third-class staff for the Cult. Soon, the Blood Cult decided to use him for an extreme mission.

WoonHwi was in a mission to find the secret scrolls of the Sword Sage. While meddling with the Blade Scroll, WoonHwi lost his life. When he regained his consciousness, WoonHwi could find himself in a strange position. He is somehow transported back decades ago. WoonHwi’s fate brought him back to life on the exact day when the Blood Cult kidnapped him. But most importantly, WoonHwi has a mythical ability now. He can hear a magical voice coming out from a weapon. 

What We Can Get From Chapter 68 And Official Reading Platform 

In Chapter 68, we can see more from our main character’s adversaries, especially Na Yookhyung. He will probably be serious about his activities and stop hurting his students. Yookhyung had some desires in his mind, but WoonHwi did not want to deal with him similarly. But he definitely surprised his adversary with some serious level of sword skills. You will be able to read more about it when Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 68 release date is here. If you want to read this manhwa, please visit the official website of Naver Webtoons.

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