Revenge Law Firm Chapter 10 Release Date: Yoon’s Revenge Saga

No matter how old we get, an old fashioned revenge story never gets old. Revenge Law Firm presents such a storyline. In today’s article, we will talk about Revenge Law Firm Chapter 10 release date.

The story is about a son who has lost his father in the hands of injustice. As he is growing up, he wants to avenge the downfall of his father. Apart from telling you the Revenge Law Firm Chapter 10 release date, we will also give you a short recap of the manhwa till now.

Revenge Law Firm Chapter 10 Release Date: Is It Coming Soon?

Justice should get served equally no matter how high the stakes get. If you are a fan of lawyer dramas, I think this manhwa deserves a spot on your reading list. Revenge Law Firm does not deal with legal precision like Suits do. But this manhwa has a lot of spice and a classic revenge arc that the series does not. The whole story stands up basing on the quest for revenge againts the shadowed antagonist. Revenge Law Firm starts off with an unique tale of injustice where someone is dead. His son is alive and as days are going by, he is knowing everything.

The son is now aware that his father did not deserve this brutal treatment. Especially after he has done so much. That’s why, he slowly prepares for revenge amd waits for the correct time. If he succeeds to take revenge or not is the main reason why people have started reading this. Till now, the creators of Revenge Law Firm has published a total of 9 chapters. There is still a very long way to go for this manhwa. Many otakus are out there who loves the chapters. As far as I have seen on Reddit, peope are loving the Main Character.

There is a huge possibility for a fairly progressive character building up arc to come forward. That’s why, a lot of you might want to know about the upcoming chapter. So, what is Revenge Law Firm Chapter 10 release date? Revenge Law Firm Chapter 10 release date is 28th January 2024, Sunday. This schedule is mainly for Australia and Japan. But for people who live in Central America, London, Philippines, Canada, East and the West Coast, it is a bit different. For them, Revenge Law Firm Chapter 10 release date is on 27th January 2024, Saturday.

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Revenge Law Firm: Will He Be Able To Avenge His Father?

Since this one is a pretty new manhwa, a lot of you readers might not have started reading it yet. For them, we have included a short recap of the entire story in this part of this article. Now that you have scrolled so far, I think you already understand the serious backgrounds of this manhwa. Revenge Law Firm, or more popularly known as Boksoo Law Firm, is a revenge arc manhwa. This shounen manhwa tells us the story of a young man named Hae Seong Yoon. He is a genius and rational minded boy who has everything it takes to be successful.

Yoon had everything – social stature, genius level intellect, pride and money. He was all set to be a highly successful individual after he grew up. But destiny never fails to surprise anyone, does it? Yoon’s father was also a pretty generous and prestigious individual. One day, he was found dead, and this marked a huge downfall. Yoon soon lost his pace and the basic will to stand up in his life. Since he was a boy, he could not know much about why his father died. But as time passed, he could find out more about his father’s untimely demise.

We saw how a demon in a human body, Yang Dagon was the one who brutally finished Yoon’s father. The man ignored his father’s valuable involvement and killed him. Yang Dagon is now the leader of an automobile firm which is competing against Tesla. Yoon has now grown up and he is pursuing law. His dream is to become a lawyer and open a law firm for justice. He is already gathering other people whom Dagon has hurt before. As a son, he wants to gather every piece of shady evidence and avenge his father’s death. Will Hae Seong Yoon be able to succeed in his mission?

What Can We Get From Revenge Law Firm Chapter 10 And Official Reading Platform

Since this is a pretty new manhwa, we have not got much as spoilers for the upcoming chapter. As far as I have read, Dagon is already in deep trouble. In the last chapter, we saw how people were protesting against him when he came out in public. Among them, there was an old man, who is also a part of Dagon’s unjust activities. These type of people will come handy for Yoon. You will get to know more when Revenge Law Firm Chapter 10 release date is finally here. If you want to read this manhwa, please head on to Naver Webtoons.

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