Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 174 Release Date: Is Ijin’s Leg Healed?

When life pushes you to the edge, you have nothing else to do but turn offensive. Mercenary Enrollment shows us a similar scenario in it’s story. In this article, we will talk about Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 174 release date.

The story is about a kid who lost everything and found himself stranded in the middle of nowhere. Only for survival, he resorted to upgrading himself to a literal killing machine. Apart from talking about Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 174 release date, we will also tell you everything you need to know about the story.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 174 Release Date: Everything We Know 

Manhwas might seem like childish storylines with pretty imaginary endings or stories, but in reality, they are crafted matured. I cannot say this strongly about all those fantasy love stories, but for some, I am confident. You must have read a lot of post apocalyptic storylines but have you ever read a story where the MC is alienated? Mercenary Enrollment tells us a story where the MC finds himself in an alien environment. The storyline revolves around a boy who lost his parents to a horrible plane crash. 

Since it happened out of nowhere, he had no other option other than adapting to extreme survival methods. Soon, he became a young mercenary – although he was a kid, he had no problem standing up for himself. Mercenary Enrollment deals with complex issues like loneliness, aggression and complex human emotions. Another factor that works is the little bit of post traumatic disorders that still affect the MC in different ways we see. Otakus have read this manhwa and they are loving how far the story has come till today.

We have had 173 chapters and very soon, this manhwa will reach a 200 chapters. As a result, people want to know about the upcoming chapter. So, what is Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 174 release date? Will there be any update about this? Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 174 release date is 3rd February 2024, Saturday. This schedule is fixed for people from Japan, Korea, New York, Australia, Philippines and Singapore. No matter from where you are, Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 174 release date will be on 3rd February 2024.

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Mercenary Enrollment: The Kid Who Grew Up On Violence 

It’s actually very interesting to see how much violence can alter your brain. Ijin Yu is one of the biggest examples of this. He is the main character of our manhwa Mercenary Enrollment. The story is a bit sad since our MC faces a terrible traumatic incident at a very young age. When Ijin Yu was just eight years old, one day, he lost both of his parents. Ijin’s mother and father lost their lives in an unfortunate aeroplane crash. Following that incident, destiny had a horrible script for Ijin Yu. The boy had to spend time alone in a completely deserted and alienated surrounding. So, Ijin had no other way but to become a kid mercenary who fought his way through the dark.

This was the only way Ijin could stay alive in that chaotic alien environment. After a decade of this incident, we are here now. Ijin Yu is now all set to return to Korea where his family is staying. In their humble abode, their is everything including food, shelter and peace. The one thing Ijin was desperately asking for. But is this the life he will forever have? The kid mercenary might have survived the desert, but high school is still left. Ijin does not have much time in his hands to prepare himself for an entirely different battle. This boy needs to find a way around the school battleplace before an year ends. But destiny would not let Ijin down so easily now, no matter how hard his battle is.

Everything That Has Happened in Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 173: A Short Recap

Sorry to disappoint all the readers but Ijin Yu, our hero is facing a huge crisis now. Ijin has faced a severe leg injury in Chapter 173 now and he must figure his way out for it. Now, Ijin’s chase is under fire due to this horrific injury. Moreover, the opponent Ijin has is someone who he knows very well. Although it seems to be a great idea, but, from a strategic point of view, something forces you to pull your punches. Chapter 173 showed us an incredible feat of tactics from Baek. Baek has terrific ability to handle guns and he is a strong contender.

What Can We Get Chapter 174 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manhwa

In the next chapter, we can see the consequences of Ijin Yu’s decision regarding the Chairman. Although he is strong and dangerous, he found his way around him. It might also be fruitful in showing how Ijin is trying to manage his leg injury. But let us not consider all these as potential spoilers. Till Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 174 release date is not here, let us just wait. If you want to read Mercenary Enrollment, please head on to Naver Webtoons.

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