Is Lover, Stalker, Killer Based On A True Story? Finding For The Truth!

Netflix has always withstood the demands and expectations of its fans all around the globe. But the best release and stories of Netflix release is the documentaries, that it releases. Yes, you must remember many of the stories that actually happened in real life and include the clips and interviews of the real-life victims of those crimes. These are what true documentaries look like. And this time, it’s agin.

Netflix is back with a new documentary film. The title of the series itself seems to be a disclaimer of the plot the entire series will hold. But what is the series holding up? Is everything real for sure? Do the victims of the crime, still live in the world? Everything and anything that doubts and confuses you about the series, after watching the series’ trailer, will be cleared today itself.

Yes, as we have brought up to you the series, and everything related to it is here. You will know, the truth behind the series plot, who the criminals are, and the victims and focus on why this happened to them. Well, let’s not prolong further and move to the next panel of the article to learn more about the series. 

Is Lover, Stalker, Killer Based On A True Story?

The Netflix new release, “Lover, Stalker, Killer” a true documentary series, is on its way to the screen of its fans and is scheduled to release on 9th February 2024. The series after the release of its trailer, has made the fans go crazy and confused about the series, adaption. Some say it is a fictional plot while some believe it to be true. The truth behind it is that the series has been adapted from a true-life incident that happened back in the year 2012. But what is the true story and who is involved in the plot?

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Mystery Murder Of Farver In 2012

In November 2012 an unexpected mysterious murder took place of a single mother, Cari Farver who two months back from her death started dating a man, Dave Kroupa from Omaha. Who is Dave Kroupa and Carie Farver? Carie was a single mother of a 15-year-old boy and was a working woman. she had no feelings about starting a new relationship instead, wanted to have a funny partner. And then he came, Dave who worked at an auto repair shop, saw Cari visiting the shop.

That day they both exchanged feelings of sighness and started dating. Wher, they both had the same feeling of not getting too serious, but just keen on dating. But before Cari, Dve dated Liz Golyar, as they met on a dating app. He said the same words to Liz and asked her not to be serious about this relationship. However, the real story starts when Liz comes to know about Dave and Cari’s relationship. 

One night, while Cari had left for her office from Dave’s office the story began. That was the last night Dave and Cari were seeing each other because that night she was brutally murdered. But who did it? You must have guessed the criminal’s name. If not, then read!

Unfolding The Truth Behind Murder

In November 2012, Liz Gaylor stalked Cari and murdered her brutally in the car’s seat. Next, to not let the world know she is a criminal and that Cari is no more, she starts to date Dave as Cari and sends him messages from her fone. Not only was Dave but Cari’s family and friends were told about her plan of settling in a new town out of a job. Police started investigating the case when Cari’s mother actually filed a complaint when she found it odd that she not attending either her father’s funeral or her brother’s marriage.

It was for the next three years in 2015 August, that Gaylor lived as Cari for Dave and the world. She used various emails, to threaten Dave and also her phone number to send him messages. The detectives started having doubts about Liz when they found Cari’s phone tracking up to Gaylor, and also some fake email accounts and pots of car of Cari in Gayylor’s phone storage. When, police held up to Gaylor, on suspect in Car’s murder she said it must be Dae’s ex, Flora behind all this. 

Gaylor went to great extents to save her crime, by shooting her in the legs saying it was Flora, and running all around hiding her crime. But the police made it in 2015 to catch uphold with Cari. They finally found Gaylo’s tablet in which she had photos of Cari being stabbed and sent to heaven by the hands of Liz Gaylor. Not only this but the police found that she had so many fake accounts and messages sent to Dave. Liz said in an interview before her imprisonment that she never wanted to share 

Dave was in love with Cari, so out of jealousy, Liz had to take this chance. Whereas Dave is guilty even today because of him, Cari’s mother and her son had to repent even today.

Where Will The Series Stream?

The series, “Lover, Stalker, Killer” based on a true story will stream on Netflix from February 09, 2024. 

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