Is Raël: The Last Prophet Based On A True Story? Finding The Truth!

Netflix is a boon to the eyes of its audiences all around the globe, the fans feel. It has successfully released a number of series, and dramas that please audiences anywhere around the globe. From its documentary series to fictional dramas, everything has created a special space in the hearts of the fans. But Netflix never stops there with the release of some good work. It is always ready to come up with something new and really amazing. 

This time, it is back again with an amazing series, on the living legend, Rael who calls himself the messenger of God or might be God himself. Netflix decided to bring up his messages and lifestyle, stories to the entire world. And so it has come up with this Netflix series, Raël: The Last Prophet making its debut on 7th February, 2024. As the trailer of the series is already out, and fans have finished watching, curiously asks if this is the true story. If the Rael does exist really on Earth?

To answer all your small and big questions, we are here. We are back again with this amazing piece of article, to inform you everything about the upcoming series. What drama does it hold in it? And whatever is shown, is it a fictional one or a real-life incidents? Everything is waiting for you on the way. you just have to start scrolling and reading the article. So let us move ahead. 

Is Raël: The Last Prophet Based On A True Story?

The series undoubtedly forces its audiences to raise a question on its basis. The fans of the series, however, question the series’ basis in flow, about whether the series plot is fictional or if it really comes up from real-world incidents. Well, in answer to this, you will be shocked to know, that the series is based on a true and real-life event. 

The series as shown comes up with the recordings of the street and common people, following the realism race and following their prophet Rael. Along with this, the series will also feature common people, and the prophet himself interviewing for the series, to tell people its origin and the reason and learning behind the religion, they started and are following worldwide with many followers.  

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Who Is Raël?

It was in the year 1976, when a man living an ordinary life of human, came up to the news and said to the world loudly, that he had met an extraterrestrial being to come up to him, from the parallel world to inform him about the message of Elohim. Rael was born as a normal human in France on 30th September 1946. He lived with his maternal grandmother, but ran away from his school at the young age of 15, leaving behind his home-town family friends, and everything.

He then started singing on the streets of Paris, to earn some money and live and eat. One day to his surprise he was contacted by the director of a radio programme, who needed some young performers to perform at his radio shows. Out of money and showcasing his talent, Rael signed the contract and decided to work for his radio company. Rael was born with the name of his parents as Claude Maurice Marcel Vorilhon. But after becoming famous for his songs, he changed it to Claude Celler.

Rael then started selling his singles and earning a lot of money and fame through his songs in Paris. Later, he was saving money to buy a new racing car and follow his passion. But some bad luck followed his singing career and it all went to a downfall. He then started working as a racing car assistant and gained knowledge. Started up his new business in the year 1971 shutting it down permanently and changing his life from a common man to a prophet. What made him do all this? Raelism.

What Does Raelism Mean?

Community of an International UFO believer group of people that was founded by their prophet Rael in the year 1974. It was the day he wrote in his book when on a down street in France he met with a creature who came down to Earth to meet him, especially from the UFO. Rael says, he was called out by an alien coming from UFO and was chosen by Elohim to spread his message to the entire world. Rael wrote about his meeting with the alien and founding the Raelism community in his first book, “The Book That Tells The Truth”.

Later in his second book titled, “Extraterrestrials Took Me To Their Planet” Rael stated that one of the Elohim called him to the planet and he was taken there to another world to meet, the gods Jesus, Muhammad, Budhha, and Moses. After becoming a prophet he met his first wife, in1987 at her doorstep. Later got married to Lisa Sunagawa one of his followers. Later, in the 1990s he got married to a 16-year-old girl Sophie, divorced her in later years and now lives happily with Sophie. 

Where Will The Series Stream?

 Raël: The Last Prophet will stream on Netflix from February 7, 2024. 

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