Is The Brothers Sun Based On A True Story? Unveiling The Truth!

Everybody has a distinct family of their own. However, what if one day you get to know that the family you have known for so long is not the actual truth of the family? Such is the case with Bruce Sun. The new Netflix series The Brothers Sun revolves around the actions of the Sun family. The Sun family is an interesting one. Once you start to know more about the family, you will understand how interesting this family is. The Brothers Sun is a dark comedy series that involves a lot of action. This is an Asian American drama that is going to keep you on the edge at all times. Now that we have already received the drama, people are questioning if the drama is based on a true story or not. What do you think? 

In this article, we are going to know about the authenticity of the storyline of the drama. If The Brothers Sun is based on a true story or not. Here, in this article, we are also going to discuss more about the drama, its storyline, the cast members and many more. Therefore, without any further delay, let us dive into the sea of information about this series. 

Is The Brothers Sun Based On A True Story? The Truth!

As mentioned above, many people have questioned whether the drama is based on a true story or not. Do you think this drama is based on a true story? The series appears to be extremely real from every single point. Therefore, people think that the series is based on a true story. But that is not the truth you see. The Brothers Sun is not based on a true story or any comic for that matter. 

The creators of the drama have not adapted any book or comic in this show. This show is an original creation of the creators. The creators have come up with the show after being inspired by many such criminal events. When your family is a part of the criminal world, you will of course try to protect your family at all costs. Charles Sun does the same. He wants to protect his family at all costs. Therefore, he takes the actions that are required to protect his family. 

The show may seem real because there are various such incidents occurring in the world of gangsters. However, the show is an original creation and not any adaptation. Therefore, we can conclude that The Brothers Sun is not based on any real-life incident, comic or book. 

The Brothers Sun True Story Or Not: Storyline

The Brothers Sun has an interesting storyline. The storyline of the series revolves strictly around the Sun family. Bruce Sun was living his life in California. He was having a good time with his friends and his life. But, things do not remain the same for long enough. They drastically change at any given moment. Bruce too faces something that changes his life forever. 

One day, Bruce meets his estranged brother Charles. Charles Sun has come to Los Angeles to visit his brother Bruce Sun. However, this is not some casual family reunion. It is more than that. Whatever Bruce knows about the Sun family, everything crumbles down the moment he gets to know that his father was a criminal boss and that their family is a famous gangster family of Taipei, Taiwan. 

Bruce’s life changes in a moment. Charles came to Los Angeles to protect his family. The mother of the Sun brothers also have a crucial role to play in the series. All of them together have to fight the enemy forces in order to protect themselves at all costs. Their lives are full of danger and they need to overcome this danger. How will they be able to overcome the danger posited by their enemies? Will the Sun family be safe? In order to know more, you will have to watch the series The Brothers Sun. 

The Brothers Sun Behind The Scenes: Cast And Crew

The main cast of The Brothers Sun includes Michelle Yeol as Eileen “Mama” Sun, Sam Song Li as Bruce Sun, Justin Chien as Charles Sun, John Lee as TK Lee, and Highdee Kuan as Alexis Kong. The other members of the cast include Alice Hewkin, Jenny Yang, Johnny Kou, Jon Xu Zhang, Zhang Wang, Madison Hu, Rodney To and Ron Yuan. 

Byron Wu and Brad Falchuk are the creators of the show. Brad Falchuk, Byron Wu, Kevin Tancharoen, and Mikkel Bondesen are the executive producers of the show. John H. Radulovic, and Kim M. Cybulski are the producers of the show. 

The show was shot in Los Angeles, California and Taipei Coty, Taiwan. 

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The Brothers Sun Reviews

The Brothers Sun has got a review of 7.7/10 on IMDb. The show received a pretty good rating. This shows that the audience loved the show. The Brothers Sun may or may not return for a second season. However, since the audience has loved the show, we can say that the show has a chance of returning for a second season. The creators of the show did not decide anything about this as of now. 

If you are willing to watch the show, you can watch it without any hesitation. We are sure that you are going to love the show.

The Brothers Sun Trailer And Streaming Platform 

The link given above is the trailer to the series. If you have not watched the trailer of the show yet, you can watch it here by clicking on the given link. 

You can stream the show on Netflix

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