Is GTA 6 Bigger Than GTA 5? Detailed Study On It!

Games have been there now for a while and with each passing year people are getting more inclined towards them. Rockstar Games has always delivered gamers with the best quality games. They have created a revolution in the world of gaming. Grand Theft Auto or GTA is the game which has increased the love of people for gaming. Till now there are five parts of the game and recently, Rockstar Games have announced that the sixth part is coming soon. So people are excited for GTA 6 and have many questions regarding it. One of the questions people are asking is GTA 6: Is bigger than GTA 5? If you are also a GTA fan and also have the same question then you are at the right place. Read this article fully till the end to know everything about the game.

Is GTA 6 Bigger Than GTA 5?

It is an upgrade to the previous version of the game and hence it will be bigger than GTA 5. Rockstar Games, the developer of the game, has said that this game would be more thrilling than the previous ones. Also from the trailer we can see how big the game would be. And the map of GTA 6 is bigger than GTA 5 according to reports. So gamers will get a more immersive experience while playing this game.

For now, the game is available for PS5 and Xbox but soon it will be available for PC also. It is now 2024 and there is very little time for the game’s release. This has become the most anticipated game now. With each version, Grand Theft Auto is getting better than before. Rockstar Games has got the best developers for games in this world. Every child of the 90s remembers this game as it is the game of that era and is still continuing. Till now this game is being played to a wide extent as it is such a wonderful game.

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Grand Theft Auto 6: What Is This Game About?

GTA 6 is an action-adventure game in which Lucia and her crime partner flee from a prison. It is the story of both these characters who run from the police to save their lives. They travel the map of Miami to save their lives. Gamers can feel the action now both with female and male lead characters. Talking about the plot of this game, it is set in the modern world. According to the trailer, it will be a modern-day game which will give gamers the experience of playing a real-life game.

The trailer of the game was launched in December 2023 which itself was a hit as it reached 100 million views in very less time. It was a record for any game revealed on YouTube. People have gone crazy after the trailer has been released. There are no spoilers about the game and till now there is no information about the rest of the things. GTA 5 became the biggest and best-selling game of all time. It sold about 186 million copies of the game and was highly appreciated by all gamers. Can Lucia and her male crime partner escape? This is the challenge put before the gamers and they have to win over the challenge.

Grand Theft Auto: The Legacy Of The Game

It has now been many years since the release of the first-ever game of the franchise. This all started in 1997 with the first-ever GTA game and now after about 27 years, we all are ready to welcome the sixth version of the game. It is all because of the storyline and graphics of the game. Gamers become addicted to playing this game as it provides them with the best experience of playing a game. GTA 6 will be a big hit from the franchise as can be seen from the trailer itself.

People can now get their PS5 and Xbox ready to play the most awaited and anticipated game. It will not stop here and in future bigger and better versions can be seen. Rockstar Games hasn’t yet declared the completion of the versions so we could expect more from them. GTA 6 will come with a better graphics experience and a bigger map than any of its previous versions. Also, till the release gamers and people who are interested can play the rest of the versions.

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