Who Is Lainey Wilson Dating Now? Unveiling The Truth!

It is always interesting to know about Hollywood celebrities and their life. There are singers, actors, players, and many more who give exciting news to their fans. These celebrities are favourites for some people and these people love to know about the lifestyle, relationship status, career, and so on of their favourite celebrity. One such celebrity is Lainey Wilson who is a singer by profession. Now her fans are interested in her lifestyle and recent relationship news about her. If you are a fan of her and want to know: who is Lainey Wilson dating now? Then read this article till the end as it will give information about Lainey Wilson and her relationship status.

Who Is Lainey Wilson Dating Now?

Lainey is a singer and has a huge fan base. Fans ask questions about her frequently and today the question is about her relationship status. There are rumours of Lainey not being single anymore. So are the rumours right? Is Lainey Wilson dating someone? Yes, Lainey has been in a relationship for a while now. She is dating Devlin “Duck” Hodges and it is confirmed news. It was confirmed by Lainey herself in 2023 at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Before this, her relationship status was kept private by herself. But now she has made it public on the red carpet. They both are serious about the relationship and want to get tied into the knot. Earlier her fans gave theories about her love life which now has become true. In May 2023, everyone came to know about her love life and boyfriend. As of now, they have been together for two years. This was known when the singer had given an interview with The Bobby Bones Show.

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Devlin Hodges And Lainey Wilson: Are They Dating?

Yes, they have been dating for two years now and both are a happy couple as of now. Lainey is 31 years old as of now while Devlin is 27. But this age gap has not done any harm to their relationship. They have been dating for a while and both the partners are happy with each other. In 2021, Lainey left her school boyfriend to pursue her dream and career. She shares that she has to leave something to go above in her career.

According to her, he was everything she had and they both were in deep love. It was a very big challenge in front of her but somehow she managed. After this Lainey was suspected of getting into a relationship with Devlin. There were rumours all around about the relationship between both of them. Everyone was saying that they both are dating but it was not concrete information. This was confirmed when Lainey publicly announced her relationship with Devlin. Lainey isn’t married and was never married at all. Some fans ask about her marital status too.

How Did Lainey Announce Her Relationship With Devlin?

It was in ACM Awards 2023 that Lainey announced her relationship status with her fans. Lainey was nominated for six awards for that night in which she won four. But the happiness doubled after her announcement became one of the most talked about moments of that night. Her boyfriend Devlin, is a former NFL player and currently, he is in the real estate business. They both started dating in 2021 and it was kept a secret till now.

Wilson even shared her first date night with him in an interview with PEOPLE. Both of them made their debut red carpet in 2023 holding each other’s hand. Then they posed for photos and both were looking a stunning couple that night. Lainey says that Devlin is a good guy without whose support she would never be what she is now. He has never stopped her from doing anything and always supported her.

Devlin even has been seen commenting on tweets of Lainey. From there fans suspected that both of them had something between them. They both met as mutual friends and now they have become close to each other. Also, the couple attended the CMA awards in November 2023 together. Wilson won the best entertainer award that night and Devlin was seen becoming proud of his girl’s win. Fans may see both of them ending up together and having children too. For now, they both seem to be happy with each other and they haven’t said anything about the future of their relationship.

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