It Was Just A Contract Marriage Chapter 18 Release Date Confirmed – Previous Recap & Spoilers Out! 

Get ready to witness another intriguing chapter of this thrilling manga series. The readers are undoubtedly curious to see what lies ahead of Eliza and Lezet. It Was Just a Contract Marriage Chapter 18 is just around the bush and fans are highly excited to learn more about it. With Lezet killing Ugli and Eliza using her defensive spell, a lot has happened previously in Chapter 17

Overflowing with melodrama, romance, fantasy, mystery, suspense and intense action scenes, we must admit that readers are highly impressed with the storyline of this manga tale. Well, Chapter 17 surely ended with a major cliffhanger. Eliza is in serious trouble and fans can’t wait to get their hands on the next plot twist. So here is everything we know so far about the latest chapter of this manga series.

It Was Just A Contract Marriage Chapter 18 Release Date Confirmed – Previous Recap & Spoilers Out! 

With every passing chapter, the story becomes even more complex and interesting. Since Lezet and all others had travelled for a prolonged period of 2 days, a halt was absolutely necessary! But little did they know that Eliza would soon be targeted. Well, the princess is surely in danger and Lezet must do something to bring her back! But before we head to the upcoming spoilers, let us quickly roll over the release date updates. 

As per the information gathered by us, It Was Just A Contract Marriage Chapter 18 is supposed to roll out this week. Both the release date and timings have been confirmed. For readers around the Pacific, Canadian and Central time zones, It Was Just A Contract Marriage Chapter 18 will be available to read online from the 10th of January 2024. While for fans centred in Japan, Greenwich and Korea, you all will be able to read it from the 11th of January 2024. 

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Here Is A Short Recap Of It Was Just A Contract Marriage Chapter 17! 

Given her fragile body, not only Lezet but even we were quite shocked to know that the princess is absolutely sound, fit and healthy. Before we dive into the spoilers, you need to know what happened previously with Eliza and Lezet! To everyone’s surprise, Lezet was feeling a bit tired and wanted to take a short break from the journey. He suggested that they all should stop in the nearby village. 

On the other hand, Eliza already sensed something suspicious and thus without much hesitation, she agreed with Lezet. As the story moves forward, we will see how they were suddenly under attack and Eliza being the prime target, the warriors now must do everything to protect the princess. Pointed arrows were flying from everywhere and Robin along with his people was all set and ready to guard her! They decided to encircle her in such a way that not even a single arrow could pass by her body.

After forming a strategy with Lezet, Robin somehow managed to send her away. But before climbing the carriage, the princess informed Robin that those are not normal arrows, but weapons coated with lethal poison. Elizabeth worked on her memory a bit and soon after recalled that she had seen the same ones in the empire of Arkan! It seems like Ugli is back to harm her. To protect everyone, now it was her turn to use the spells! Since Andrey had already explained to her about the magic symbols present on her body, it wasn’t a hard task for her to pull off!

It Was Just A Contract Marriage Chapter 18 Spoilers Alert & More! 

From the previous attack, it was quite clear that Ugli had an outrageous hatred for Elizabeth Esseika. He could not believe the fact that Lezet was actually in love with her! It was also in Chapter 17 that for the first time, Lezet saw Eliza using her defensive spells. Now coming down to the time when Ugli was specifically asking for Eliza’s neck! According to Ugli, Eliza is nothing but a serious witch and there will come a time when she will try to kill Lezet. Well, after knowing it all, Lezet was still feeling a bit confused! Since Eliza was no ordinary woman, he couldn’t understand why someone would want to kill her. 

The readers were surely relieved knowing that Lezet bravely fought against all the Rothiard knights. He even managed to kill Ugli! But to his surprise, when he thought of reuniting with Eliza, her carriage had already broken down! Shockingly enough, the princess was nowhere to be found! What happened to Eliza? Where did she vanish? Can Lezet bring her back? Is Eliza still alive? Well, all our questions and doubts can only be answered with Chapter 18! That’s all for now, to get more such details on other interesting and entertaining Japanese manga series, stay connected with us, just right here. 

It Was Just A Contract Marriage Chapter 18 Release Date Confirmed – Previous Recap & Spoilers Out! – FAQs

1. Is Ugli still alive?

In the previous chapter, Ugli was killed by Lezet. 

2. Is Elizabeth still in danger?

Yes, Elizabeth is still in danger. 

3. What happened to Eliza’s carriage?

Shockingly enough, Elizabeth’s carriage had mysteriously crashed and broken down. 

4. Did Eliza disappear in Chapter 17? 

By the end of Chapter 17, Eliza had suddenly disappeared! 

5. Is “It Was Just A Contract Marriage” Chapter 18 rolling out this week?

Yes, “It Was Just A Contract Marriage” Chapter 18 will be released this week. 

6. When will “It Was Just A Contract Marriage” Chapter 18 be released? 

“It Was Just A Contract Marriage” Chapter 18 has been scheduled to be released on the 10th and 11th of January 2024. 

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