Even Asa Butterfield Has His Eyes Set on Your Christmas or Mine 3 Release Date!

After two massively successful iterations, Jim O’Hanlon’s Your Christmas Or Mine has certainly secured a tight spot in our holiday bucket list of movies. True to its name, it is an entire Christmas feast, drenched in effervescent vibes and echoing waves of laughter. The rom-com has Asa Butterfield and Cora Kirk starring in the central roles, portraying two delightful Christmases. The film treads the same rom-com trope as A Christmas Prince and The Princess Switch–both are holiday trilogies, intensely scintillating and brimming with comedic mishaps. However, what sets O’Hanlon’s film is its emphasis on the minimalistic plot that, even though surprisingly, sets a bar higher for the upcoming holiday-themed dramas.

Naturally, fanatics are demanding a third iteration, which at this point seems highly plausible. If you are looking for updates on Prime Video’s Your Christmas Or Mine 3 release date, dive in!

Your Christmas Or Mine 3 Release Date

Your Christmas Or Mine 3 Release Date

With the screenplay by Tom Parry, who is renowned for Great Movie Mistakes on BBC 3, the filming for Your Christmas Or Mine began in August 2021. Parry’s simple yet profound script was the reason why O’Hanlon went on to direct two consecutive films. According to him, the scripts possess “warmth, humour, and emotional honesty” that has lured him and the entire cast members to the show. Butterfield, who plays the secretive yet solemn James, also accepted that Parry’s writing captures the “essence of a crazy family Christmas” and “[Christmas] jokes and traditions” organically.

It seems like Tom’s screenplay and the audience’s warm response is playing out in favour of the third iteration. A while ago, even the lead actress, Cora, admitted that the cast members would love to reprise their roles. “We would love the ensemble to come together for a third and final time,” Kirk mentioned. “Trilogies are a win in my book, so it would be lovely to get back together,” She went on to add.

The Prey for the Devil’s actress concluded with, “We’ve got our fingers crossed, I hope Amazon are watching this… it’s on them.” As Cora mentioned, it is up to Prime Video entirely but with the enthusiasm bubbling in the cast members and of course, the fans, a third film seems to be on its way. Your Christmas Or Mine 3 is expected to be released just in time with the Christmas of 2024, probably in the first week of December. However, an official confirmation is yet to be made, confirming or denying the flourishing speculations. 

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Your Christmas Or Mine Overview

In all its fizzy idiosyncrasy, Your Christmas Or Mine is a familiar treat of comedic mishaps, contradicting families, and innocent love. Even Butterfield has agreed to it, saying, “It feels very familiar. It’s very British and has that classic Christmas feeling to it, which everyone loves. If you don’t love Christmas then this film isn’t for you.” He describes the film as dynamic, especially the characters who have uplifted the coherent script dozens of feet higher. “There was such a unique dynamic between these two characters and families, who are different and came together to form this beautiful, familiar and homely feeling,” Asa explained.

It begins with a young couple, Hubert James Hughes and Hayley Taylor, who board their respective trains to spend Christmas with their families. However, at the last minute, Hayley decides to surprise James and spend Christmas with him and his family. On the other hand, unaware of Hayley’s intentions, James plans to do the same. Both of them end up with each other’s families and are now forced to camouflage their relationship.

As it happens, James is the son of Lord Humphrey The Earl of Gloucester and Hayley hails from a rather simple–and of course, a bit overwhelming–family. Moreover, Humphrey, who already disapproves of his son’s “friend”, is oblivious to the fact that James is no longer studying at the military school. Meanwhile, James has a hard time processing that Hailey has a fiance whom she has secretly broken up with. In a nutshell, Your Christmas Or Mine is a hilarious ride that doesn’t dip into boredom even for a second.

Your Christmas Or Mine 2: A Quick Recap

The debut film climaxes on a delightful note, where both the Hughes and the Taylors reunite on Christmas Eve. They sort out their differences, unveil each other’s secrets, and embrace them openly. Their previous holiday has been dramatic–with a capital ‘D’!–and yet, they decide to reunite again and celebrate Christmas in the Austrian Alps. However, their luggage and residential arrangements are swapped. The posh Hughes ends up in a deserted hotel while the zestful Taylors have to “endure” their new situation. Suffice it to say, their vacation isn’t as serene as they wish for.

As Hayley comes across James’ bags, she finds a ring and mistakenly assumes that the latter intends to ask her out. The real spectacle begins when the two families reunite, with Humphrey’s girlfriend, Diane, and James’ childhood friend Bea, tagging along. They get drunk, confess to their secrets, and drown in misunderstandings. Amid all of this, a rather melancholic realization hits Hailey hard; the stark difference between her and James. Convinced that she won’t ever “fit in” with James’ family, Hailey packs her bags and leaves the resort.

The next morning, Hughes stops the plane so that James and Hailey can reconcile. Humphrey admits that he was the one who brought the ring and intended to pass it to James so that they could tie the knot officially. Another operatic Christmas ends with the two families agreeing to spend the rest of the holidays in the resort and let the bygones be bygones.

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What Will Your Christmas Or Mine 3 Be About?

Even though Your Christmas Or Mine 3 is yet not confirmed officially, it seems too palpable. Both the previous films have been a tangent ahead of each other and a third iteration is expected to follow suit. There are multiple tropes that Parry could explore but a Christmas wedding seems a perfect ending to the film saga. An almost two-hour feast of the Taylors and the Hughes mulling over the wedding ordeals sounds hilarious, doesn’t it?

Of course, there are chances that the third iteration would trample this imaginary storyline I just built up. However, if Parry and O’Hanlon reunite, Your Christmas Or Mine 3 will feature the Taylors and Hughes battling over the wedding festivities. It will be a hilarious ride, watching Hayley and James dealing with their families’ contrasting natures and the innocent mistakes they commit. It is doubtful whether any other plot could serve as the conclusion to James and Hayley’s story.

Your Christmas Or Mine 3 Cast List

Your Christmas Or Mine 3 cast list would entail Asa Butterfield and Cora Kirk as the protagonists, of course. The former, who is renowned for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, will arrive again to deliver a restrained yet compelling James, an aspiring actor driven by an urge to prove his worth. Meanwhile, Kirk would reprise her role as a buoyant yet emotional Hayley.

Steve McQueen’s Small Axe: Mangrove’s Alex Jennings would embody a bit stern and snobbish Humphrey Hughes, The Earl of Gloucester. Angela Griffin of Coronation Street and  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s Daniel Mays would portray Kath and Geoff Taylor, Hayley’s parents. Other faces who could join Your Christmas Or Mine 3 are Jane Krakowski as Diane, Rhea Norwood as Bea and Natalie Gumede as Kaye Taylor. Though it isn’t confirmed yet, a few new faces are also expected to join the cast ensemble.

Your Christmas Or Mine 3 Release Date: FAQs

1. What is Your Christmas Or Mine Film About?

It is a romantic comedy film centered around a young couple, Hayley and James. It chronicles the mix-ups and mishaps they go through to spend their Christmas with each other and their families.

2. Who is the Creator of Your Christmas Or Mine Film?

Your Christmas Or Mine has been directed by Jim O’Hanlon with the screenplay by Tom Parry.

3. Is Your Christmas Or Mine 3 Release Date Confirmed?

No, it is not confirmed yet.

4. When will Your Christmas Or Mine 3 be Released?

Your Christmas Or Mine 3 is expected to be released in December 2024.

5. Is a Trailer Available for Your Christmas Or Mine 3?

No, there is no trailer available yet.

6. Where to Watch Your Christmas Or Mine Movie?

You can stream Your Christmas Or Mine on Amazon Prime Video.

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