When Will Apple TV+ Announce the Hello Tomorrow Season 2 Release Date?

Set in a retrofuturistic world, with prolific advancements looming above its head, Hello Tomorrow is Apple TV+’s latest nerve-wracking offering. With several series and platforms exploring the carnal urge among humans to go beyond the Earth, Amit Bhalla and Lucas Jansen’s sci-fi drama offers a prolificity that cannot be rivalled. To add another intrinsic detail to the already extravagant plot, the creators incorporate a layer of profound relatability. With Apple TV’s familiar face, Billy Crudup, leading the cast ensemble, the ten-episode ode to ingenuity drama has become the talk of the town ever since its release in February.

Naturally, fanatics are concerned regarding the fate of this contemporary drama. If you, too, are caught in the same dilemma and are wondering whether Hello Tomorrow Season 2 has a confirmed release date, here is everything you need to know!

Hello Tomorrow Season 2 Release Date

While the creators have explored the concept of this modernised drama, they finalised a script in 2021. Apple agreed to co-create it alongside a vast ensemble of producers including Blake Griffith, Ryan Kalil, Jonathan Entwistle and even the lead actor, Crudup. Filming for the series began the same year in October and continued for a year and five steady months. Hello Tomorrow eventually premiered on February 17, 2023 with three feature episodes and the rest seven being released weekly. Honestly, with the imminent rise in Artificial Intelligence, Jansen and Bhalla couldn’t have picked a better year to release this innovative tale.

Though Apple TV is yet to lock a release date for Hello Tomorrow Season 2, it is expected to be released in the latter half of 2024. The creators, Bhalla and Jansen have affirmed that the script of the sequel is already manifested. Even they are stalling an official confirmation because the streaming host has yet to approve a second iteration. It seems like the waiting club is expanding with each passing day and Apple is postponing its decision.

Hello Tomorrow Overview

Hello Tomorrow is set in an idyllic 1950s-style universe where technology is at the heart of every niche. From robots delivering the mail and acting as waiters to smart machines that don’t need human intrusion in the slightest, post-war America seems too hopeful–and dare I say frightening?–at first. However, as the story progresses and the creators introduce Jack Billings, a travelling salesman, my perspective is transformed entirely–and yours will be, too. Billings is in the business of selling residential spaces in a lunar colony called Brightside of the Moon along with his team of three.

The cornerstone of Hello Tomorrow is its emphasis on its characters and their backdrop which will stagger you indefinitely. The first out of these four counterfeiters is Eddie. He is literally neck-deep in debt and is a gambling addict. Herb Porter, with his eager-to-please persona, is trying to amass quick bucks for his unborn child. Meanwhile, Shirley Stedman is the only level-headed forger here. However, she is struggling to climb the corporate ladder in a world daunted by technological advancements. While each of these characters has their own reason to sell imaginary plots on the moon, Jack is exceptionally proficient and convincing to a fault.

As these “business people” wander from one small village to another, they keep stacking lies and building a house of cards that’s destined to crumble. When Jack comes across a young and agitated Joey, he stops his village-hopping and reminisces about the time he purposefully wasted. As it turns out, Joey is Jack’s son, whom he abandoned decades ago and now wants to reconcile with. Meanwhile, the invisible sword of penalty keeps looming above their heads. The essence of Hello Tomorrow lies in the “why” and “when” rather than the “what” and “how”. 

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Hello Tomorrow Season 2 Plot

While Joey harbours an “I don’t need anyone” attitude, he is essentially a lost soul in search of true ecstasy. This freshly fantasised universe is awash with such people, who, even after having every possible gadget at their fingertips, struggle to find solace. Jack and his team, which now consists of Joey, too, use this emotion as a stepping stone to sell premium condominiums–to this point, they are just imaginary to us. He senses that his empire of smoke and lies is shaking around him. Amid such a scenario, his only weapon against the destruction is “forged reality”. He stages a vibrant act to trick his customers into flying them to the moon.

However, at the end moment, things drastically turn against him and all his customers end up in the rocket. The debut season climaxes here, cementing the plausibility of the sequel, which now has a script ready, too. In a post-screening interview, Jansen hinted at an even more dramatic trope. “Should we be so lucky to travel into season two, you’re going to have to find out what the moon is really like,” mentioned Jansen.

“How does what’s up there and where they’re headed live up to the promises that Jack has made? Certainly, it’s not what they’re expecting, so there’s tremendously fun drama to be played up there,” he further added. “Also, we’re really looking forward to getting deeper into the story of Jack’s emotional world, his relationship with his wife, the thoughts of his father and his family and what continues to shape him as he’s walking this tightrope while juggling and spinning plates and keeping it all afloat,” Jansen concluded.

Amit Bhalla Shares His Secret to Keep Hello Tomorrow Afloat

It is no secret that Americans are the least fussy consumers and are overtly interested in technology. Bhalla and Jansen derived inspiration from this fact to helm the script of Hello Tomorrow. “The show is set in a dream that never took place, something we were sold, something we were promised that turned out to be a whole bunch of smoke and mirrors. It seems as a culture, we’re better at manufacturing promises and hopes than we are at getting down to the work of living together. That’s why the show was set when and where it is in, in this impossible dream we never got,” Jansen commented.

“This is going to be a world that’s over the top. That’s ridiculous in a lot of ways. But [in] all of these scenes, you’re playing for real human emotion,” Bhalla, too, seems to have a similar opinion. “It’s not about what their plan is. It’s about what story they tell themselves. That was a way to keep them sympathetic, regardless of what they were doing in their life, against their own will or their best interest. You still can recognize that deeply human need to believe in a better tomorrow or hope that things are going to change or that there’s one thing on the horizon that’s going to make it all okay,” the director concluded.

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Hello Tomorrow Season 2 Cast

Crudup would reprise his role as Jack Billings, a huckster who sells hypothetical timeshares on the moon in the sequel. Billings is tormented by a sense of guilt and abhorrence. He harbours a gloomy past that is yet to be revealed in its entirety. As he hobbles from one village to another, his intentions seem clear–money, of course–but the fuel driving him remains vague. On the contrary, the rest of the cast ensemble has a distinct and clear past. 

Joey (Nicholas Podany), is a 20-year-old sifting through the monotonous chores to make ends meet. He harbours a deep animosity towards his father, who abandoned him as an infant. However, he gets along well with Jack and even accepts his job offer.

The nomad, Eddie (Hank Azaria), is navigating his life which seems to be weighed down by addiction and debts. Herb (Dewshane Williams) comes across as goofy and negligent. But he often expresses a humane side to him that illuminates the otherwise dark show. Meanwhile, Shirley (Haneefah Wood) is a businesswoman concerned only with sales and her position; the rest of everything is far-fetched for her. The entire vibrant cast would reprise their roles in Hello Tomorrow Season 2, which will certainly feature a few fresh faces, too.

Hello Tomorrow Season 2 Release Date: FAQs

1. What is the Hello Tomorrow Series About?

It is a retrofuturistic drama centred around a huckster, Jack Billings, and his team as they indulge in selling hypothetical residential units on the moon.

2. Who is the Creator of the Hello Tomorrow Series?

The series has been developed by Amit Bhalla and Lucan Jansen.

3. Is the Hello Tomorrow Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

No, it is not confirmed yet.

4. When Will Hello Tomorrow Season 2 Release?

Hello Tomorrow Season 2 is expected to be released in late 2024.

5. Is a Trailer Available For Hello Tomorrow Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available for Hello Tomorrow Season 2.

6. Where to Watch the Hello Tomorrow Series Online?

You can stream the series online on Apple TV+.

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