Does Hulu’s Newest Sensation, Black Cake Season 2 Has a Confirmed Release Date?

A confectionary of intense emotions, coveted secrets, and a past soaked in blood, Black Cake is Hulu’s newest sensation. It is remarkably compelling, despite being a minimalistic family drama surrounded by nothing but tears and life lessons. With Marissa Jo Cerar leading the show, this American miniseries wanders into unchartered territories of painstaking cultural differences and family dynamics. It boasts a rich cast ensemble featuring Chipo Chung and Mia Issac in the lead role as Eleanor Bennett/Coventina “Convey” Lyncook. From addressing the pressing issues faced by a girl born to a hybrid family to turning to the black cake for reference, the Hulu drama is a sumptuous holiday treat.

It is set on a rather bland sponge and frosted with a layer of relatability. The result is a tear-inducing and velutinous confectionary that has become a catalyst to the rise of an imminent question; Has Hulu confirmed the Black Cake Season 2 release date? Seems like the answer is as convoluted as the series itself.

Black Cake Season 2 Release Date

Black Cake Season 2 Release Date

Black Cake, true to its inspiring bonbon, is encrusted with crunchy secrets, a layer of burnt past, and a rather spicy narrative. It is adapted by Cerar from Charmaine Wilkerson’s best-selling novel. The duo began working on the script in early 2022, aiming to devise a series that captures the essence of one’s real identity amid a whirlwind of issues and truth bombs. This is the main reason why the series has managed to slay millions of audiences and raised the bar high for the sequel. Recently, after Black Cake dropped on Hulu in November, the showrunner sat down for the Washington Post YouTube livestream. 

It turned out to be an exciting ordeal because Cerar let slip a few plans that challenged the ongoing rumors. Speculations have it that Hulu has billed the American drama as a miniseries, crushing the audience’s hopes for a sequel. “The spirit of our ancestors exists in me and I know that I’m so excited to see how Benny evolves, and where Marissa and the rest of our amazing writers… they take her journey. So, to Marissa’s point, this is act one and I’m just as excited as everyone else to see what happens next,” the director mentioned. 

It seems like she is kindling hopes and devising plans for a plausible sequel of a spin-off. Moreover, Cerar hasn’t adapted Wilkerson’s entire novel, leaving multiple chapters to serve as the source material for a second iteration. If Black Cake Season 2 is commissioned soon, it can be released around November of 2024.

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Marissa Jo Cerrar Elaborates on the Black Cake Series Production

Black Cake was originally listed as a film but after reading the manuscript, the showrunner flipped the plans and ended up helming an eight-part emotional delight. “I absolutely want to do this, but it is not a movie. It is a television show. It’s too deep, too rich, and too complex to do in two and a half hours,” Cerar mentioned in a pre-screening interview.

Marissa and Charmaine, both aspired to preserve the essence of the former’s intense yet simplistic plot. “I wanted it to be woven through in a subtler way so that we weren’t feeling like we’re just teaching a lesson or just telling a story,” Marissa expressed her plans with a subtle smile. She further went on to emphasize the main plot arc–culture and community values. “As it was in the book, it’s this marriage of cultures. The colonizers brought it to the islands and then it was adapted for the people of that community, and they made it their own. ‘Black Cake,’ the series, it’s all these characters and these cultures from all over the world, from multiple timelines, all coming together to tell the story, which all begins in Jamaica.”

What is the Black Cake Series About?

As the director mentioned, it all begins in Jamaica, a city adorned with captivating sandy beaches and an effervescent atmosphere. However, the show doesn’t right away jump in on the setting or the city. Rather, it begins with an accident at the beach of Southern California. As it happens, the protagonist, Eleanor Bennett, a talented swimmer wiser than her years and as much scarred, is the unfortunate lady. Even though the accident turns out to be minor, the revelation of Eleanor’s terminal brain cancer raises havoc in her and her son, Byron’s life. A year later, Eleanor has lost the battle to life–and yes, it was an epic battle. Her son and estranged daughter, Benny, gather to read the will of their late mother with the lawyer, Charles Mitch (Glynn Turman).

However, “B and B” don’t just inherit the luxury estate and tons of cash; they also receive a plethora of tapes left by Eleanor. As they begin watching the footage, their eyes pop in horror and their jaw drops to the floor. Benny, the hostile and rebellious teenager, who chose to stay away from Eleanor after a traumatic accident, slowly starts accepting her place in the family. She is her mother’s daughter after all, who went from being sold to a local gangster, Little Man (Anthony Mark Barrow) to writing her fate with her own hands–and in blood, of course.

Meanwhile, Byron, a victim of prejudice and injustice being a Black man doesn’t find solitude in the fact that his late mother was once a victim, too. As layers unveil, Eleanor turns out to be a sketch of humaneness both “B and B” never considered her to be. According to them, she was perfection wrapped in a human skull who did the inconceivable–killing herself and rising from the ashes. 

Black Cake Season 2 Plot

Born as Covey Lin Cook to a Chinese father and Black mother–who abandoned her as a child–Eleanor has been hiding away all her life. Maybe, she murdered Little Man to escape with her boyfriend, Gibbs (Ahmed Elhaj). Though the series never wanders through that story arc, it is evident that Covey faked her death and escaped her father, Lin.

Black Cake has multiple familiar plots that tend to make it a melodrama, drenched in emotions so profound you can’t help but relate to them. It pulls the strings to our hearts with an authentic story, where despite Eleanor being dead takes the centre age and enamours not only her children but us as the audience, too. This is why the sequel doesn’t seem a far-fetched idea; if anything, it appears to be rather realistic now that Benny has embraced her true self.

Now that Eleanor’s story has pretty much wrapped up, Benny could lead the show forward. The new Black Cake could be as rich and layered if Benny takes the centre street, fighting for her and her brother’s place in the world. Of course, what exactly traumatized her could play a pivotal part in transforming the texture and taste of this plausible second iteration.

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Black Cake Season 2 Cast List

Covey aka Eleanor is the frosting of this Carribean cake, brought to us by two gracious actresses. The young Eleanor (as Covey) is portrayed by the Not Okay star, Mia Isaac. Meanwhile, the older and probably wiser Eleanor is embodied by Chipo Chung. Though the entertainers have slayed us in the debut season, it is unlikely that any of them would arrive again for the sequel.

However, it is natural that Ashley Thomas as Byron would reprise his role as the leading oceanographer. The essence of Byron’s character lies in his faith in his mother. Even though devastated, he sticks by Eleanor, until the very end, unlike Benny. Though the artist, brought to us by Adrienne Warren harbours a sense of contempt towards life, she is just another tormented soul. 

By the end of the series, Benny realizes her mistakes and dives deep into the mess of her life. The question is: will she be able to sort it out? If the sequel is greenlit, Thomas and Warren will reprise their roles and answer the question.

Black Cake Season 2 Release Date

1. What is the Black Cake Series About?

Black Cake is a contemporary series that chronicles the tale of the Bennett household. It majorly features Eleanor’s, a skilled swimmer, tale of weaving through a string of betrayals and emerging stronger.

2. Is the Black Cake Series Adapted From a Novel?

Yes, it is adapted from Charmaine Wilkerson’s best-selling novel of the same name.

3. Is Black Cake Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

No, it is not confirmed yet.

4. When Will Black Cake Season 2 Release?

Though the official release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, Black Cake Season 2 is expected to premiere in late 2024.

5. Is a Trailer Available For Black Cake Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available yet.

6. Where to Watch the Black Cake Series Online?

You can stream Black Cake online on Hulu.

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