Is Sandeep Maheshwari A College Dropout? The Known Personality Of India Among Youths!

YouTube nowadays has become the best source of entertainment, and knowledge, apart from this is a great source of income as well. Agree? Everyone or the other, person, is choosing to be either a daily vlogger, a food vlogger, a fashion vlogger, or something else. But apart from these, the one that is to be followed everywhere, and has to be the most known is the motivational speech videos. Youth these days, do not like reading books instead watch motivational speakers. Nothing is bad in it.

Sandeep Maheshwari is the name we all know. Not even a school student, or college student or even their parents would deny they don’t know him. But why is he so popular among all the Indians? Do you know why? Is he a superstar like Salman, and Shahrukh? Or a Known politician like Modi ji? Well, to all your queries, Sandeep Maheshwari is neither an actor nor a politician, instead, Maheshwari ji is a motivational speaker. Yes, yes you thought it right.

That same Sandeep Maheshwari, who has two YouTube channels at a time. One is where he presents himself as a motivational speaker and conducts various seminars and sessions with his audiences, as well as invites guests. The other one is his spirituality channel, where he talks about spirituality of course. But do you know who he is actually? How did his journey as a YouTuber begin? What’s his qualification? No. Then come we will tell you. 

Is Sandeep Maheshwari A College Dropout?

Sandeep Maheshwari is a known entrepreneur, photographer, motivational speaker, and YouTuber, who works for the welfare of people in India, especially the youths who have been demotivated by failures. But do you know this successful man, who has achieved great heights and success from his hard work with numerous profits, is a college dropout?

Shocked, right? Yes, Sandeep Maheshwari was born in a businessman’s family. But their business drowned and they suffered huge losses. Being the elder son, he took up the responsibility and became a model at the age of 19. Later, he started a career as a photographer, when he decided to leave his college in his third year of B.Com, and thus he is a dropout student of Kirorimal College of Delhi.

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Why Did He Leave His College?

After Sandeep was born, their family business of manufacturing ALuminum was shut down, due to some reasons. And being the elder son, he has to do something for the family. Thus, at the age of 19, Sandeep went on to modeling, but due to the harassment he left and started helping the new models build their portfolios. After passing standard 12 he took a crash course of years in NIS and opened a business helping out students who have just cleared their 12th, about their future. 

Later, as he joined college for his B.Com degree in Kirorimal College in Delhi, he decided to start photographing as his career, and thus started to click pictures of nature all around, and of the model building their portfolio and did a course of photography to make himself better in the filed. In the year 2003, he made a global record of clicking 10,000 + photographs in just 10 hours and 45 minutes. Later, in the year 2006, he decided to launch his website titled, ImageBazaar, which has now over a million photographs of India and is followed and joined by more than 7000 humans, followed by 75 + countries.

His success in his career in photography and being a successful, entrepreneur in the year 2006, made him feel like dropping out of his college in the last year of his degree, as he felt his business was way more important than getting a degree. Well, the decision was risky yet it made him the most well-known and most successful entrepreneur to date in the history of India. 

What Is ImagesBazaar?

ImagesBazaar is a known platform, where one can download, search, and even buy authentic Indian photos or videos, as per their choice. this website was launched in the year 2006, by known entrepreneur, YouTuber, and motivational speaker, Sandeep Maheshwari. In the meantime, his photos went on viral and were liked by many people in India. As time passed, the website involved many Indian businesses, and of course, different companies were involved in buying pictures from this company. It now connects 75 different countries, with around a group of 7-8K people following it. The link to the website is here, ImagesBazaar

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