Ippon Again Season 2 Release Date: Is It Finally Happening?

If you are looking for a good anime recommendation to refresh your watching list, this might be the perfect one for you. Ippon Again hails from the sports genre of animes. Today, in this article, we will talk about Ippon Again Season 2 release date.

The story takes us back to the high school days of a judo player. She is a successful and enthusiastic player till one day, her life starts to become twisted with problems. Besides talking about the Ippon Again Season 2 release date, we will let you know the plot and everything about this anime.

Ippon Again Season 2 Release Date: Renewed Or Cancelled?

Sports enthusiasts will definitely fall in love with Ippon Again due to the storyline. Anime or manga that deals with is one of the most popular categories to exist out there. Mou Ippon! more popularly known as Ippon Again takes us through a journey of ups and downs. The story is about an athlete – she is a well-trained judo player but somehow loses her enthusiasm. She lost interest in the sport itself and hence stopped competing. Ippon Again depicts her comeback story in her favorite sports event and her journey.

The anime is visually amazing – the animators have done an excellent job with Ippon Again Season 1. The scenes are so well done that when it first came out, we knew that Mou Ippon! Is going to become big. Now you can already understand how popular this category is just by looking at Blue Lock. We have seen so many fantasy and reincarnation animes that these types of stories attract us more. As someone who has read mangas and watched a lot of anime, Ippon Again Season 1 is totally impressive. Otakus has loved this anime till now – almost all of the episodes have received a lot of love.

As a result, some of the fans are still hopeful regarding the future of Mou Ippon! They want to see their favorite protagonist back on the screens again. So, what is the Ippon Again Season 2 release date? Did the anime get canceled or renewed? As of now, there is no official news about the Ippon Again Season 2 release date. The studio has yet to make a decision on this. There are some places from where the writers can take us in another direction with the story. So, there are some chances of getting another season and an official Ippon Again Season 2 release date.

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Ippon Again: A Well-Written Comeback Story

Most of us love sports and we always try not to miss our favorite matches, do we? This anime is specifically made for us and mainly for people who love Judo. Muraoka started his manga named Mou Ippon! way back. After a time, his manga title gained huge popularity due to the intense storyline. Ippon Again Season 1 is an anime adaptation specifically made from those mangas. After Horimiya and Blue Lock, Ippon Again Season 1 is probably the one anime to gain so much attention. Ippon Again tells us about the life of Michi Sonoda, who happens to be a Judo athlete. 

She is a passionate player who loves her sport more than her study materials. Michi Sonoda studies at school and keeps on practicing Judo simultaneously with her studies. Everything was more or less going alright for Michi until her exams started to get near. Middle school final examinations were the ones that stressed her out completely and it ultimately made her take a harsh decision. Michi Sonoda decided to leave Judo – she wanted to quit sports to score well in her final examinations.

This one decision shocked almost everyone in the school who knew Michi Sonoda. One of them was Sanae Takigawa – she was best friends with Michi. She had so much passion for Judo that it wowed others including the school instructors. But Michi is tired of being a top athlete – she craves for a boyfriend now. Instead of having the flaming motivation, she now wants to be loved and pampered. Michi is tired from touching the judo mats and now, she needs soft tender love. Soon, a player named Towa Hiruwa publicly humiliated Michi during a match. This one incident made Michi cancel her plans for retirement.

Voice Actors, Artists Behind This Anime And Official Streaming Platform 

Ayasa Ito and Yukari Anzai play the characters of Michi Sonada and her best friend Sanae Takigawa. Other voice actors involved with this project are Chiyuki Miura, Yumi Uchiyama, Anna Nagase, Maria Naganawa, Ai Kakuma, and Yuki Yomichi. Unless there is no announcement about the Ippon Again Season 2 release date, we will have to wait. Till then, you can watch Mou Ippon! on HIDIVE.

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