Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Season 2 Release Date: Is It Confirmed?

Mostly we see animes that get adapted from mangas or sometimes, korean drama series. But Alice Gear Aegis Expansion is an anime adaptation based on the Japanese game title under the same name. In this article, we will talk about Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Season 2 release date.

The animated series revolves around the survival story of mankind after leaving Earth. Robotic forces attacked the planet and it marks the beginning of this arc. Apart from talking about the Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Season 2 release date, we will also talk about the storyline of the anime today.

Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know 

Comic or manga adaptations are popular for most of the cases that we see. Alice Gear Aegis Expansion is an anime that was made from a Japanese game. The game itself is an adaptation and Pyramid Entertainment released it back in 2018. When Alice Gear Aegis Expansion came up, it took the gaming and discord communities by storm. This anime is directly based on the manga by Kurumaga – the makers have covered the first two arcs. The story starts off with a survivalistic tone where robot armies are causing a threat. People have left Earth long ago but still, they are in the face of danger. 

Soon, our main character steps up and starts to befriend the survivors. If you have not watched Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Season 1 yet, you can watch it soon. The story is pretty sweet considering how there is the development of a sweet bond. We also have pretty spectacular action sequences that will definitely impress you. Otakus has loved Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Season 1 and till now, we have only positive reviews. Although initially, the anime took us by surprise with its opening theme. That video had no scene for credits which is quite unusual if you consider.

Now that we have had a whole season for us, the Alice Gear Aegis Expansion fans are expecting more. So, what is Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Season 2 release date? Has the creators announced it? Right now, we have no official update on the Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Season 2 release date. The studio did not announce anything about this. We are expecting another season considering how popular how the first season was. The creators will not cancel it for sure, but they better not keep the fans waiting for too long.

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Alice Gear Aegis Expansion: Visually Spectacular And Worth Watching 

Those of you who have played the Alice Gear Aegis Expansion game know a lot about this. You know how vibrant and well-made the characters are – the anime is a spin-off. Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Season 1 starts off with a slightly science-fiction approach. The anime tells us the story of the future world where human life is at stake. We are taken hundreds of years back from now when Earth was in crisis. Robotic forms and mechanical creatures went rogue and decided to start an attack on mankind. These mechanical life forms were Vice, who managed to capture Earth.

As a result, humans had to become homeless – people fled from Earth in order to save themselves. A huge amount of the population had to survive in the deep space away from the planets. But being afloat in space is not a wholesome way of survival at all. Vice has left everything in a mess including the planetary landforms. People have no way but to stay away from them since they are highly advanced in warfare. Planet Earth was just another deserted place full of mechanical curses and alien lifeforms.

Vice even managed to shatter Earth’s moon into a hundred pieces. The survivors managed to forge a spacecraft out of those landmasses and made it their new home. Fortunately, brighter days were coming since young women took birth. They are Actresses – they have the superpower to wield Alice Gears. These are the only weapons that can hunt down advanced mechanical robots. Alice Gears are far-advanced suits that allow only Actresses to wear them. They are the only hope for all humans against these cruel robots.

The Team Behind Alice Gear Aegis Expansion And Official Watching Platform Of The Anime

We have a lot of talented voice actors on board including Junichi Yanagita, Yuna Taniguchi, Chika Anzai, Juri Kimura, Manami Numakura, Sazanka, Yui Ishikawa, Eriko Matsui, Yuko Gibu, Hitomi Owada, and Maaya Uchida. Until we get official news about the Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Season 2 release date, we will wait. If you want to watch the anime, please head on to Amazon Prime Video.

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