Tu Zakhm Hai Season 3 Release Date: When Is It Coming Out?

Mostly, love comes in an unexpected way for someone you would not even expect. But falling in love with someone you hate? Tu Zakhm Hai brings a good example of this. Today, we will be talking about Tu Zakhm Hai Season 3 release date.

The story is about a girl who somehow falls into the trap of a dangerous gangster. Despite of the immense hatred for him, she slowly starts to fall for the man. Although this seems to be an impossible romance, in the end, things start to look bright. Apart from talking about Tu Zakhm Hai Season 3 release date, we will talk about two seasons in short.

Tu Zakhm Hai Season 3 Release Date: What Do We Know 

Over all these years, Indian Web Series platforms have gifted us with a lot of memorable dramas. Be it mystery stories of the criminal world, or shudhh desi romance stories, we have seen it all. Recently, platforms like JioCinema, MX Player, AddaTimes, Hoichoi has rose to eminence die to their productions. Tu Zakhm Hai is a drama that blends romance and crime together in a pretty good way. If you have not seen the series yet, you can set your mind about watching it. The drama is about two souls who fall for each other unknowingly and unexpectedly. 

It is a bit miraculous if you consider their social stature as well as backstories. But in the end, everything starts to fall in place slowly but steadily. The series bingers have liked this storyline a lot – as a result, the makers of this show had to do one more season after the first one. Tu Zakhm Hai Season 1 and 2 have managed to win the hearts of everyone who likes a bit of adventure along with romance. The drama has given us 23 episodes till now, and as far as I remember, all of them are definitely worth a watch.

Now that we have had two seasons of Tu Zakhm Hai, people are already expecting their favourite pair to return to the screens once again. A lot of the fans are already wondering – what is Tu Zakhm Hai Season 3 release date? Will their favourite show return for a third run? Well, we don’t have an official update on Tu Zakhm Hai Season 3 release date. But Gashmeer Mahajani’s ready to return as Viraj. In an interview with IndiaToday, the leading man of our show has opened his heart about this. Even if the show comes with another season, Tu Zakhm Hai Season 3 release date will fall in late 2024.

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Tu Zakhm Hai: An Unexpected Tale Of Love

Since you have scrolled till this much, I think you have read the introductory part of this article. Even if you have missed this crime romance drama, am sure you have understood the backgrounds now. Tu Zakhm Hai Season 1 tells us the story of Viraj Trehan and Kavya Grewal. The two of them are completely different in their nature as well as social backgrounds. Viraj Trehan is a gangster who runs his illegal empire below the scopes of law. He is basically a hawaladar whose main job is to manage underground operations. 

Viraj is a notorious man and he sits on an empire that is built on hawala money. On the other hand, Kavya Grewal comes from humble beginnings. She lives in a normal household but somehow, Kavya gets trapped by Viraj. One of his illegally run operations trap Kavya and soon, she becomes a hostage for Viraj. His gang members captivate her and keep her closed up in a secret facility. As time passes, Kavya keeps growing desperate to break free and taste freedom. But one miraculous incident goes on to change her whole life forever.

Kavya stopped being afraid of Viraj and his darkness, instead, she started to like him. This appears to be a strange Stockholm Syndrome at first. But as days pass, Kavya and Viraj somehow starts to grow closer to each other. In Tu Zakhm Hai Season 2, we see a change in Viraj. He stops being a cold emotionless man – Kavya’s love changes him into a sympathetic person. Viraj becomes the man he never was and starts to care for Kavya. Although society does not acknowledge their lovestory, Viraj never leaves his Kavya alone.

The Team Behind Tu Zakhm Hai And Official Streaming Platform Of This Series

Donal Bisht and Gashmeer Mahajani leads Tu Zakhm Hai as Kavya and Viraj. Other notable cast members include Jinal Joshi, Shaurya Duggal, Mihir Mishra, Nehal Chudasama, Sachin Verma, Aarti Thakur, Alok Jain, Saurabh Mann, Abhinav Verma, Amit Behl, Udhav Vij, Sameer Malik, and Parinita Seth. As long as there is no update about Tu Zakhm Hai Season 3 release date, you can rewatch the two seasons. If you want to start watching Tu Zakhm Hai, please head on to MX Player.

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