Is Smugglers Movie Based On True Story? Will The Rumors Prove To Be True?

Korean film industry this year came up with an interesting release of a film titled, “Smugglers”. The title of the film suggests one of the problematic tasks of our societies. Smuggling has been a part of this world since long back years. Where earlier only known businessmen were involved, now we can see even the youths being involved in this task of smuggling. This can go for anything, but the smuggling goes for drugs, narcotics, and of course marijuana. 

This Korean film is also based on a group of youth smugglers. It entirely revolves around a group of youngsters who after losing their job, find this way of earning money and living a lavish life. though they know it is a crime and an illegal way of exporting drugs, but still they opt for it. Now who is involved in the film? Why do they do so? All of this is discussed well in the next panel of the article. But before discussing the film’s storyline and cast. 

We have something else for you. It is the best part of the article. Answer to your most asked question. Is the film based on a real story? Well, to know the answer you will have to move ahead in the article, and also the answer will not allow you to leave in mid. And thus you will have to read the article by the end. 

Is Smugglers Movie Based On True Story?

With the release of the film on 26th July 2023. The fans enjoyed watching the film well. But after a month passed, fans have been raising this question constantly. Is the film Smugglers based on some real-life story? Discussing this topic, there has been no detailed and stiff information.

Nevertheless, the director or writer of the film Smugglers has said anything related to this question in any of its interviews. But as shown the film is about smugglers. They might be inspired form the tas of smuggling going on in most countries of the world, especially in the United States. Well, due to a lack of confirmation, we still cannot say anything with complete assurance about the film’s basis. 

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Storyline Of Smugglers

The Korean new release Smugglers evolved entirely among the group of those who have been constantly exporting and importing, illegal items through different parts of the globe, via different modes of transport. This film even shows a group of youths, forming a group named, Haenyeo, who have lost their jobs due to some reasons, and now they have decided to join the group of smugglers as their job.

The film begins with a group of people who worked in a chemical plant but died in some accidents they all lost their jobs, Chun-ja is one of those workers who decided to earn his living by joining this group of smugglers. though they know the truth about them and that this is illegal, but still they decide to join the group. Later, Kin-sook, another girl from the plant after meeting the ehad f smugglers falls in love with him and his work, and later joins their group.

All of them are youngsters and instead of doing something good for them, and their families they have decided to go for the import of drugs and marijuana. But one day, all of this has to end, when they will be caught by some good. Till then they all enjoy their lavish lives and are very happy to do this, as there is not much hard work like in other jobs. Thus they enjoy being smugglers, earning money, and leading a lavish life. 

Cast Of Smugglers

The film is both directed and co-written by Ryoo Seung-wan and Kim Jrong-yun and involves a quite small group of cast members. the cast of the film thus involves, Jin-shook by Yum Jung-ah, Chun-ja by Kim Hye-soo, Jang Do-ri by Park Jeong-min, Go Ok-bun by Go minosi, Haneyo by Kim Jae-hwa, Lee jang-chun by Kim Jeong-soo, Sergeant Kwon by Zo in-sung, Dok-soon by Park kyung-hye, Lee Eok-cheok by Joo Bo-bi, and Yang geum-ne by Park Jun-myeon. 

Where Was the Film Released

The film Smugglers was released theatrically on July 26, 2023. 

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