Is Saltburn based on a book? Or It’s a True Story?

Summer trips to your friend’s house are always an attractive idea, isn’t it? But sometimes, things do not go the way you wanted them to go. Saltburn is one of those movies that shows a similar story. In this article, we will try to find out – is Saltburn based on a book?

The movie came out some time ago – the story is about a student who decides to go and live in the weathy abode of his classmate. But while he is there, things start to go wrong in a hilarious and scary manner. The film has exceeded the expectations of the viewers and as a result, fans are curious about this. Many of them want to know if there is any real source behind it, or whether Saltburn is based on a book.

Is Saltburn Based On A Book? Truth Behind This Black Comedy Thriller

There are many thrilling movies out there – but if you want to watch a film that’s a blend of psychological thriller and comedy, I think you should go for this one. Saltburn is one of those movies that came out in 2023 and it has already secured a safe place in the minds of all moviegoers. If you have not watched this film, you might take a chance at it. Despite all the bad reviews of badly timed comedy and loopholes in plot, I think Saltburn has managed to gain the title of being a successful divisive film. Not only it divides the audience, the plot has the power to make you confident about your opinions.

The movie revolves around the incidents after a student decides to hang around his rich classmate. He decides to spend some time more by enjoying the rich life but as time passes, things start to go wrong. If you look at it, you might find this film to be a picture perfect tale of the rich and aristocratic lifestyle. Whereas, as the movie rolls towards it’s third act, you might want to look at the other side of the coin. Saltburn shows a glimpse of the reckless money minded brains causing nothing but havoc in time.

The audience has followed this film for quite a bit and now, they have questions in their mind. So, is Saltburn based on a book? Or is the film inspired from a true story? If you think Saltburn is based on a book, you are wrong. The movie is a modern take on the book ‘Brideshead Revisited’. Director Fennell has talked about this work of Evelyn Waugh in her answer to this question. Apart from that, Fennell thinks that her original work might have taken pieces of inspiration from other books such as ‘Atonement’ or ‘The Go-Between’. But mostly, story of Saltburn is an original fictional piece.

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Saltburn: A Wonderful Blend Or A Chaotic Mix?

Director Fennell has mentioned in an interview, that she wanted us to feel the British posh lifestyle. Emerald Fennell wanted her movie to be a blend of Gothic and British life – Saltburn does a wonderful job in combining the two in the right amount. If you have watched this movie, you know how divisive the concept has become over the years. If you are yet to watch it, then based in this short synopsis ahead, you can decide if you will watch Saltburn or not. Remember all those times when you craved to live in a big mansion and live the life in a king sized mode? 

Well, Saltburn shows that it is possible – the movie starts with Oliver Quick, who happens to be a new student.. Oliver has come to study and is definitely looking out for some friends there in the Oxford University. Soon, he comes across an enigmatic personality in his class – Oliver starts to interact with Felix Catton. Felix is one of those wealthy boys who belongs to a very posh an luxurious lifestyle. As the two friends kept on hanging around a bit longer, they started to become good friends with time. 

It wasn’t much longer when Catton wanted Oliver to visit their household. Since Oliver always longed for such a lifestyle, he could not hold back his excitement. After he went on to Catton’s house and his family, he started to become closer to Felix. Soon, the two boys went to explore their hidden obsession and dark desires – Saltburn explores this complexity of relationship throughout the rest of it’s film. Felix and Oliver, being from different backgrounds soon falls into the trap of this social construct. If you think that it’s only a Gothical romance, please look out for the satirical part.

The Team Behind Saltburn And Official Streaming Platform 

Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan leads Saltburn as Felix Catton and Oliver Quick. Apart from this duo, the movie has a cast of Rosamund Pike, Ewan Mitchell, Paul Rhys, Richard E Grant, Archie Madekwe, Sadie Soverall, Millie Kent, Alison Oliver, Lolly Adefope, Aleah Aberdeen, Joshua Samuels, and Reece Shearsmith. The movie debuted on the UK big screens on 17th November 2023 – Variety has confirmed that Saltburn will pop up on Amazon Prime Video by the end of December.

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