Who Was The Mastermind Behind The Osage Murders? Real Story Behind The Brutality

History does not always help us reminisce the good parts. Most of the times, history is there to remind us about the darkness that’s hidden in the sands of time. The massacre of the Osages remains as one of the most unfortunate incidents. In this article, we will try to find out the man who was the mastermind behind the Osage murders.

Although this is a much heated topic for Western world, it is better to call a plank a plank. Many people of this tribe were killed regarding possession and land – who killed them and who planned all these, you will get all of these in this article. We will tell you more about a movie that came out recently and is connected to these incidents in some manner.

Who Was The Mastermind Behind The Osage Murders? The Devil In Disguise

If you notice history closely, one of the things you will notice behind every mass killing is greed. Greed drives people crazy and brings out their inner demons in the most decorative way possible. Whenever mass murders happen, not only it shocks nations – the news also affects investigation agencies. If you have any idea about the Osage tribe and their unfortunate fate, you must be aware of a movie. After ‘Killers Of The Flower Moon’ came out, people became more curious. They want to know – who was the mastermind behind the Osage murders? You will be shocked once you start knowing more about the devil.

We are talking about William King Hale. He is the devil in disguise, the man who was the mastermind behind the Osage murders. Hale was just a cowboy when he arrived in Oklahoma. From 1902 to 1920, this man increased his wealth from pebble to mountains. His murderous spree costed almost sixty lives over the years but Hale remained untouched. After every death, William kept himself safe by solid excuses. Most of the people who died were either from Osage nation, or came to know about Hale’s intentions regarding oil. After years of investigation, the FBI finally became successful. In his trial, William Hale recieved a life imprisonment – but in 1947, he earned a parole. After a life of bloody triumph, William King Hale finally died in 1962.

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Murder Of Osage Tribe: Rightful Owners Of Black Gold

The Osage tribe is actually the owners of natural resources present in their area or province. Although their presence dates back to 700 B.C., they became a prominent name in Native American history. The main area of this tribe used to be Oklahoma – and the Osage Nation built its foundations based on this ancestral plane. The black gold, or crude oil became a treasure which made every rich man, county and nation to seek for them. Since Osages were the natural owners of crude oil, no outsider had the right to even get a drop of the oil. 

It was made sure that whoever decides to sell crude oil, will definitely give back royalty to the Osages. Soon, white men in business suits were ready to extract as much money they could. In the 1900s, many white men started to marry Osage women to scam the tribe for oil. The worst of them was William Hale – he made his family member marry a Osage woman first. In course of time, he killed many Osage, especially if they stood in his way. Hale managed to multiply his wealth in just two decades – historians name this period as The Reign Of Terror.

Killers Of The Flower Moon: Hollywood’s Depiction Of Osage Murders?

Martin Scorsese recently made his comeback to the big screens with a remarkable entry. Killers Of The Flower Moon takes us back to the times of 1900s when the Osages were in real danger. The film is definitely strongly connected to history since the character it starts it’s story with is from Osage nation. Mollie Burkhart is a member of the Osages and she is well aware of everything that is going on. Osage people are going missing from unexpected locations – after some time, most of their bodies are showing up. Her love interest comes to an unsettling point when Mollie faces betrayal in the worst way possible. The film is actually based on David Grann’s book of the same title – this award winning book depicts how businessmen planned to murder Osages. People of that nation lost their lives over greedy businessmen trying to take away crude oil from Oklahoma.

The Team Behind This Scorcese Movie And Official Streaming Platform 

Leonardo DiCaprio portrays the role of Ernest Burkhart, the nephew of businessman who was a villaineous oil shark. Lily Gladstone is Mollie Burkhart, who happens to be an Osage. Robert De Niro delivers a spectacular performance as William King Hale, the man who was the mastermind behind the Osage murders. Other notable cast members include Brendan Fraser, Larry Sellers, Martin Scorsese, Jack White, Jesse Plemons, Jason Isbell, Louis Cancelmi, Ashley Nicole Hudson, Pete Yom, Sturgill Simpson, Cara Jade Myers, Scott Shepherd, Tatanka Means, Gene Jons, and Tantoo Cardinal. This crime thriller came out on 27th October 2023 – if you want to watch Killers Of The Flower Moon, you can rent it from BookMyShow.

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