The Exorcist Believer Main Antagonist: A Dangerous Demon

When someone is proved to be ill, we take help of healthy practitioners and doctors to help them out. But have you ever thought about those sicknesses that are undetectable? The Exorcist Believer shows us a horrifying example. In this article, we will be talking about The Exorcist Believer main antagonist.

The movie revolves around a helpless father who is trying to cure his daughter. She is possessed and nobody can stop her illness despite of so many efforts. But as the movie progresses, the difficulties keep on increasing for her father. The real mystery is hiding behind a figure who is the main antagonist of The Exorcist. Unless he manages to get to it, he would not be able to save his daughter.

The Exorcist Believer Main Antagonist: Who Is The Darkness Behind?

Even if you don’t believe in anything like demons or gods, there are some unexplainable things that keep happening around us. Still to this day, we have not had answers to many strange events which people often call hauntings. Mostly these are events when a ghostly spirit decides to show it’s power by entering someone’s body. They can even terrify people by altering the environment around them. But they say, that the worst cases to exist are not hauntings. Possessions are known to be the worst paramormal accidents to ever happen to a person.

Not only does the spirit considers you as permanent vessel instead of being a medium, it also opens the door to further vulnerabilities. Theoretically, demonic beings can possess you if you are not that strong spiritually. This is what happens to the little girls in The Exorcist Believer – they somehow try to mess with the thin line that exists between normal and paranormal. Violent incidents take place and things only start to get worse as time passes. If you have watched this film, it must have brought back memories of the prequel, the Exorcist (1973).

However, you might want to know more about this movie if you are going to see it. You might want to know reality behind the villain of this saga. So, who is The Exorcist Believer main antagonist? Who is responsible for this much darkness over two little girls? Lamashtu is the main antagonist of The Exorcist Believer. It is a powerful demon who has powers to shapeshift and confuse others. Lamashtu can even mimic voices, control things, torture her victims. In The Exorcist Believer, Lamashtu was successful in taking the life of one of the two girls between Angela and Katherine.

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The Exorcist Believer: A Spine Chilling Sequel

What happens if you find your someone acting a bit weird? If it does not get sorted out, you take them for some check up right? But if the situation starts to turn pretty south in eerie ways, what will you do? The Exorcist Believer revolves around the demonic activities that rattles through many of the lives. Victor Fielding is a photographer who was living with her daughter Angela. Both of them were living a normal life until one incident that changed their lives forever. One particular day that traumatized them for the rest of their lives.

Angela is best friends with one of the girls in her neighbourhood, Katherine. The two of them are young children who are curious about almost anything they see. We cannot blame children for being curious but at the same time, we should know about the cons that come with it. Katherine and Angela used to stroll around the dark areas of the woods. One day, they came across the idea of summoning someone who died few years ago – they tried summoning Angela’s mother. Now, let us go back a couple of years in Haiti. Victor and Sorenne are out on their honeymoon.

Suddenly, a massive earthquake rocks the entire landmass of Haiti – Sorenne was pregnant and gets a fatal injury. The situation forced Victor to choose to save the unborn child’s life. Angela, after coming to know about a ritual, tries to summon her mother. Something terribly goes wrong as she and Katherine summons a dangerous demon into this world. Lamashtu, The Exorcist Believer main antagonist possesses them which eventually leads to them having burn marks on their feet. Victor seeks refuge to a father who had a similar experience with hwr daughter in 1973.

The Cast Of The 1973 Sequel And Official Streaming Platform Of This Movie 

Finally after 50 years, we are getting the sequel to the original movie, The Exorcist. Leslie Odom Junior leads this movie as Victor Fielding, father of the possessed girl. Other notable cast members of this sequel include Olivia O’Neil, Lidya Jewett, Jennifer Nettles, Ann Dowd, Norbert Leo Butz, Raphael Sbarge, E.J. Bonilla, Lize Johnston, and Danny McCarthy. Under director David Gordon Green, this movie came out back in October 2023. If you want to watch The Exorcist Believer, head on to Amazon Prime Video and be ready for a horrifying, terrifying experience.

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