Is Thirteen Based On A Book? Celebrating The 20th Anniversary Of The Movie! 

The most eye-catching American film of 2003 was “Thirteen“. In this generation, we have become accustomed to modern-age movies. But back then in the early 2000s,  the gripping plot of “Thirteen” was highly criticised for being way too forward and bold. The film shows how teenagers often walk in the wrong path. Different disputed subjects like drugs, intimacy, abuse and self-harm were picturised, which was not really acceptable by the mediocre society. But after almost two decades, the original writers of the movie have yet again caught our attention! Thus on popular demand, here is all we have gathered about the movie, “Thirteen”. 

Is Thirteen Based On A Book? Celebrating The 20th Anniversary Of The Movie! 

Is Thirteen Based On A Book? Celebrating The 20th Anniversary Of The Movie! 

First thing first, “Thirteen” is not based on any book, but is inspired by the real-life experiences of actress Nikki Reed. Yes, you heard it right, back when Nikki was just a growing teenager she had a chance to modify some of the script of “Thirteen”. Thanks to the renowned director and writer of the film, Catherine Hardwicke who didn’t mind considering Nikki’s opinions. 

As per the information gathered by us, Nikki was also seen to be an excellent student! But when she changed her school, things took a major toll. With cell phones and the internet coming into play, dating became vital. Suddenly students wanted to dress up in fashionable clothes and were eager to delve deep into unexplored areas of life. Sources confirmed that Nikki was rejected from her dream school! But then she had to settle down with some other option. 

In her new middle school, things were very much different! She was often bullied for her dark complexion. And just like other teenagers, she wanted to look nice and live the high of life. Thus, eventually, she also felt the need to behave a bit differently. But thankfully, with the right guidance of her parents, she managed to concentrate on other important aspects of life. Unlike Tracy, in-school detention and home groundings worked quite well as a lesson for Reed. 

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Get A Quick Summary Of Thirteen! 

Is Thirteen Based On A Book? Celebrating The 20th Anniversary Of The Movie! 

Controversial yet realistic, you should surely binge “Thirteen” at least once. The film shows us how an innocent teenager changes into a rebel. The one who always had high grades in school was now slipping behind. If we take a closer view of the film, we will see how Evie’s wrong intentions had a drastic impact on Tracy’s life. Initially, in her new school, she was bullied by others but then somehow she managed to be friends with the most popular girl in her class. This was a major changing point in her life! 

As they became best of friends, Evie slowly made Tracy accustomed to her wrong style of living. Random hookups, high doses of drugs, pickpocketing, shoplifting, in short, she was experiencing a different sense of pleasure and freedom. Since Evie was suddenly living with Tracy all day long, Tracy’s mother Melanie understood what was going around. But despite continuous warnings from Melanie, Tracy was not ready to lose her friendship with Evie! 

Shockingly enough, Evie also tried to force Melanie to adopt her into their family. But this time even Tracy had some objections! Angry and disheartened, Evie started behaving differently and eventually befriended Tracy. As a result, when Brooke came by, all the blame and other wrongdoings were also charged upon Tracy, not Evie. Slowly and steadily, when Tracy was asked to repeat seventh grade, she realised how chaotic her life had become. But by then, it was too late for her to act! 

Why Was “Thirteen” Criticised Heavily? 

“Thirteen” was a low-budget film, but despite all the difficulties, it did manage to get up on the giant screen. The plot mainly tries to bring out all the difficulties faced by growing teenagers. But in the early 2000s, people were very much accustomed to the backward mentality. Mostly refused to accept the reality! 

Yes, the film was heavily criticised, but it did leave us with a very important lesson. Without proper guidance, teenagers often end up destroying their lives forever, which actually happened in the case of Evie and Tracy. Thus, parents need to take good care of their children and also keep a check on their day-to-day activities. 

Is Thirteen Based On A Book? Celebrating The 20th Anniversary Of The Movie! 

1. Is Thirteen based on a novel series?

No, Thirteen is not based on a novel series.

2. Is the plot of Thirteen based on facts?

Yes, the plot of Thirteen is slightly inspired by Nikki Reed’s life. 

3. Was Nikki Reed bullied as a teenager?

Yes, Nikki Reed was often bullied for her dark complexion.

4. Can you watch “Thirteen” online?

Yes, “Thirteen” can be viewed online, exclusively on YouTube. 

5. Did Nikki Reed help Catherine Hardwicke in the script of Thirteen?

Yes, Nikki Reed has helped Catherine Hardwicke in the script of Thirteen. 

6. Was Thirteen heavily criticised by the critics?

Yes, back in 2003, Thirteen was heavily criticised by critics. 

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