Cell 145 Season 3 Release Date: The Mystery Continues?

Among all the mysteries that you can possibly face, sudden appearance of a man out of nowhere is pretty creepy right? Especially in a place where he is not at all supposed to be. Cell 145 tells us such a story that keeps us intrigued till the end. In this article, you will find discussions regarding Cell 145 Season 3 release date.

The plot essentially revolves around a strange man who appears in a prison cell out of nowhere. The investigating officers fail to find any rationality or logic behind this strange incident. This is one of the most popular web shows out there – such a good storyline has attracted a lot of viewers. As a result, many fans might still be speculating about another season and the release date of Cell 145 Season 3.

Cell 145 Season 3 Release Date: Discussing Possibilities

Mystery thrillers always have this essence of ‘what happens next’ to it. But somehow a lot of series or movies out there lose this basic essence for the sake of views and trend. But Cell 145 has been extremely successful in this part – even if you have not watched it yet, once you start watching this series, there is no going back. Although this is not one of those horror thrillers, Cell 145 ensures that yoh watch what happens till the end. The plot revolves around the sudden appearance of one man inside a locked prison. He appears to be locked inside for almost half a century and now, the jailer will have to face the consequences.

This goes downright bad for anyone who is in charge of the whole prison for the longest time. But as the series rolls forward, more mysterious incidents start to happen and a lot of secrets get unearthed. Till now, we have had two seasons of Cell 145 or Karagar and I must praise it. This Bangladeshi Hindi webshow has crossed all the expectations from the audience. Within a very short period of time, Cell 145 rose to the top list of web series out there that deals with the mystery genre. Critics have praised this series for being a mind-blowing and timeless thriller.

The audience has loved the pace at how this series moves forward. The writers and directors have done a great job with the story because all the characters play important roles towards the ultimate revelation. Now, a lot of fans might want to know – what is Cell 145 Season 3 release date? Unfortunately, Cell 145 might have wrapped up the story with Season 2. So there’s no Cell 145 Season 3 release date. If the directors decide to come up with a brand new angle, we might get another season and another mysterious story. As long as it’s not official, we can’t update you with Cell 145 Season 3 release date.

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Cell 145: The Man Who Spent 50 Years Locked Up?

There are a lot of strange things that happen on this Earth almost on a daily basis. Imagine seeing a man appearing out of nowhere suddenly? This is what happens in Karagar or Cell 145. The plot revolves around the Akashnagar Jail Yard in Bangladesh. It is one of the oldest prison yards out there and it has been the witness of many infamous incidents. When 1971 came, the authorities and police decided to close this prison down for good – it was locked from that time. Somehow, news started to spread out that a prisoner is still locked inside one of the holding cells. 

As a result, when this news came out, it started to spread like a wildfire to every corner. Prison officers ran to Cell 145 and decided to cut all the locks down. As they unlock the door, they come across a strange mute prisoner. Things started to take a creepy turn when he claimed that he is in there since 1771. His only mistake was that he killed Mirzafar – he revealed that he has roamed many prisons including the one across Kaala Paani. This whole incident worsens things for Mostak Ahmed, who happens to be the jailer of Akashnagar Prison. He was already facing personal problems and this issue just burdened him more.

As the man claimed that he is immortal, other people started to call him ‘Gazi Baba’ – with the help of sign language, he could deliver verdicts. He could ‘sense’ if a prisoner was actually guilty or incorrectly imprisoned. Various superstitions started to form around the immortal mute man. Higher officials arrived on the scene and started interrogating the prisoner. Something is very wrong about this whole mist of enigma and some loop hole is definitely there. If they cannot find the root of this mystery, who knows? Maybe more gazi babas might start emerging out of locked cells.

The Team Behind Cell 145 And Official Streaming Platform

This Bangladeshi webseries, Karagar, helped Hoichoi to attain new heights. The hindi version, Cell 145 Season 1 and 2 have been spectacular with the story and actors. Notable cast members are Chanchal Chowdhury, Shatabdi Wadud, Intekab Dinaar, Mir Naufel Ashrafi Jisan, Tasnia Farin, Afzal Hossain, Zahid Hashan Shovon, AK Azad Shetu, Bizori Barkatullah, Tanvin Sweety, Dibbo Jyoti, Partho Sheikh, FS Nayeem, and Sarker Raunak Ripon. We don’t think there will be another story, so there will not be a Cell 145 Season 3 release date. If you want to watch the seasons, head on to Amazon Prime Video.

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