Sneakerheads Season 2 Release Date: Will It Ever Come Back?

If you are someone who loves to collect sneakers and match them with each one of your outfits, you are a Sneakerhead. For the first time in the world, we have a show that will take you in your favourite universe. Sneakerheads are here and in this article, we will talk about Sneakerheads season 2 release date.

The show has achieved quite a lot of fame and it’s a blend of comedy along with sneaker history. If you have watched the first season, you already know the backgrounds of this television webshow. People had mixed feelings with this but it had managed to stay in the top tier for some time. Many of the viewers might be wondering about the release date of Sneakerheads season 2. Let us start with our topic of today. 

Sneakerheads Season 2 Release Date: Exploring Every Possibility

Television shows have a lot to give when it comes to maintaining their shows beyond a season. Many of the creators have been successful in this, whereas many of them have failed. A lot of this depends on the type of story or material they are presenting us. Look at Sneakerheads for an example – the comedy show revolves around a father’s life. His long lost passion somehow gets reignited due to his companions convincing them. So he starts on his journey of finding out an impossible legendary type of shoes.

Although there are star involvements in this show from King Bach, many critics have claimed that Sneakerheads season 1 lacks a lot. The show is yet to be called a good comedy due to it’s improper comedic timings in some scenes. The storyline itself has some flaws because at times, the plot felt like hanging off from loose stitches. Of course, the cast delivered impeccable performances in staging this whole season, but the plot itself was the culprit. In the 21st century, you cannot show a place inaccessible to internet and ultimately get away with it.

Sneakerheads was supposed to blend their universe with the real life but somewhere, it felt too filmy and fantasyland. On the other hand, the huge weight of cameos is a bit troublesome. Still, there is a lot of people who are talking about the show and they want to know more. So, what is Sneakerheads season 2 release date? Will the show ever return? As of now, there is no official news about Sneakerheads season 2 release date. The chances are very low, but please don’t lose hope. Even if they announce, Sneakerheads season 2 release date might be in 2024.

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Sneakerheads: A Comedic Journey For Sneaker Fans

Being a Sneakerhead means you will keep track of the most trendy, most quirky, most elegant and most rare pieces of sneakers. It costs a lot to be a Sneakerhead because some shoes might cost more than a rented house. Be it a limited edition pair of Air Jordans, or now discontinued Yeezies by Kanye, sneakers are crazily sold. The show revolves around the life of Devin, who is a father and he stays at home. While taking care of everything and everyone around him, Devin has lost interest in all his hobbies and passions that he had in his younger age.

Devin was a cool father who was leading a very normal life. Before he got married, had kids, he had a passion for sneakers. Who does not like a pair of fresh kicks with their outfit? Devin loved to own pairs of sneakers and he had this love buried deep inside him from a very long time. He is a Sneakerhead and this habit of Devin was very addictive. Just when we all thought Devin is finally free from his addiction, the sneaker mania started to creep in again. Bobby is one of the closest friends of Devin. He kept on persuading him for giving a shot to being a Sneakerhead again.

You must know how underrated the sneaker trading market is. You might own a pair of Nike Airs at 300 US Dollars but based on demands, you can flip it off in the market for a whooping 800 US Dollars. This is not the first time that Devin is diving into the game and he knows the alleyways very well. However, Bobby kept on pushing him and that made Devin make one final jump. The duo is seen uniting with two others in search of a legendary pair of sneakers. If they manage to find it out, Devin is sure that he will surely earn a huge profit by flipping that pair.

The Team Behind This Show And Official Watching Platform

Allen Maldonado leads the series as none other than the cool Sneakerhead dad Devin. Other notable cast members include King Bach, Justin Lee, Jearnest Chornado, Brian Baumgartner, Matthew Josten, Aja Evans, Yaani King, Jabdai Pickett, Will Gluck, Jay Seals, and Kyrie McAlpin.

Season 1 came out on 25th September 2020 and all the episodes are available to stream online. Unless Sneakerheads Season 2 release date is finally here, we will rewatch it. If you want to watch Sneakerheads, please go to Netflix.

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