When Will Netflix Announce the Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 Release Date?

Joining Netflix’s rich assemblage of medicine-centred K-dramas, Daily Dose of Sunshine is a prism reflecting the dark reality of people struggling with mental health. It is directed by Lee Jae Gyoo and stars Strong Girl Bong-soon’s Park Bo-young in the lead role, while Lee Nam-gyu, Oh Bo-hyun and Kim Da-hee pen the screenplay. It is inspired by Lee Ra-ha’s novel, Morning Comes to Psychiatric Wards and explores the emotional drama genre. Unlike what the speculations suggest, the K-drama isn’t a punch-to-the-gut style portrayal of mental health. However, it certainly dives deep into the issue and chronicles the struggle endured by millions of people. Sheathed with a layer of empathy and adorned with lighthearted comedy, the coveted drama also features a romantic arc it that balances the preachy storyline.

Its destigmatising narrative has propelled the growth of the series, so much so that it has acquired a slot in the top ten list of 27 countries. Naturally, questions regarding the Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 have been garnering traction. If you, too, are wondering the same, dive in!

Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 Release Date

Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 Release Date

Netflix’s K-drama section is stacked with iconic medical dramas, including The Good Doctor, Hospital Playlist and Doctor Cha. What sets Daily Dose of Sunshine apart from these dramas is its staggering approach towards highlighting the vulnerable topics of depression and mental health issues. Even the director, Lee acknowledged the same in a pre-screening interview. “As it has always been with popular dramas, extreme and dramatic storylines attract the audience, offering exhilarating joy or fun watching it. But this drama had to talk about something invisible. While it doesn’t sound so appealing to talk about mentally ill people, I wanted to make sure that their stories are heard in a healing, stimulating but also trendy way,” he mentioned.

He concluded the interview claiming that “This drama was a blessing to all of us.” The lead actress, Bo-young also accepted the same and referred to the drama “as the most coveted one” out of all her projects. “The heartwarming drama has consoled me throughout the shoot and also after, but it has also quenched my thirst to show a different side of myself. Now I think that maybe I can start doing romantic comedies like before,” she further added.

Despite these assertions, Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 is highly unlikely to be commissioned by Netflix. Since the streaming host is notorious for cancelling most of these lighthearted K-dramas, with the exception of Hospital Playlist, the chances of a second outing aren’t high. Moreover, the debut season has climaxed on a cheerful note, pulling down the plausibility graph drastically.

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Daily Dose of Sunshine Series Overview

Daily Dose of Sunshine, as its name suggests, is an optimistic K-drama, centred around a nurse, Jung Da-eun (Park Bo-young). She is a third-year medical student, who has been transferred from Internal Medicine to the Psychiatric Department by Song Hyo-shin (Lee Jung-eun), the head nurse. Though Hyo-shin doesn’t reveal her intentions early on, it is evident–and later confirmed–that she has gauged Da-eun’s empathetic nature and is on a quest to help the patients heal better due to it.

Throughout the twelve-episode series, Jae-kyoo introduces several patients and their heart-wrenching struggle with depression. However, the highlight of the show remains Da-eun’s struggle with her own mental health. Throughout this phase, she finds solace in Go-Yun, a proctologist who develops intense feelings towards her. Eventually, by the end of the drama, Da-eun, too, reciprocates them as she continues healing from trauma and helping others do the same.

Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 Release Date: FAQs

1. What is the Daily Dose of Sunshine Series About?

It is a lighthearted comedy-drama centred around a nurse, Jung Da-eun, who, with her erratic personality, helps patients recover from their mental health issues.

2. Who is the Creator of the Daily Dose of Sunshine Series?

Daily Dose of Sunshine is directed by Lee Jae-Kyoo and written by Lee Nam-gyu, Oh Bo-hyun and Kim Da-hee.

3. Is the Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

No, it is not confirmed yet.

4. When Will Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 Release?

Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2 doesn’t have a release date yet.

5. Is a Trailer Available For Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available for the sequel yet.

6. Where to Watch Daily Dose of Sunshine Series Online?

You can stream Daily Dose of Sunshine on Netflix.

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