Cigarette Girl Season 2 Release Date: Looking For An Update?

Just in case you love to watch historical movies or series, you might be interested in watching Cigarette Girl. Especially if you love people who are revolutionary, you are definitely going to love this show.

Cigarette girl tells us the story of a girl who sets an example for all these years to come. Apart from that, we get a beautiful romantic story along with some pretty accurate historical references of the old times. This is not the first time we have got a series like this, but Cigarette Girl has managed to rise to the top. People has shown their appreciation towards this show and a lot of them want to know about Cigarette Girl Season 2 release date.

Cigarette Girl Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know

Web series that have an interesting plot with well written characters always make it to the top of the tier. These two factors matter the most when it comes to producing succesful franchises and Netflix has mastered this very well. Over the years, we have got the best line up of different web series and each of them have been unique with their storylines. Cigarette Girl cannot be totally considered as a historical drama because apart from history, there are other few elements in it. The drama consists of a romance story, that starts to unfold after a few of the episodes go by.

When Cigarette Girl first came out, since it dealt with an important part of the Vietnamese history and culture, many of the viewers started to watch it. After the trailer came out on YouTube, within a short period of time, it managed to gather immense number of views. When I saw the series, the first thing I noticed is how beautifully everything is crafted in the plot. Each character who is involved with the plot has their fair share of screentime and significance in the story. But with every success, there is definitely some obstacles on the way for any creator. When Cigarette Girl came out, people started to question some things that the series has.

Since it dealt with the development of cigarette industry in Vietnam, according to a part of the critics, the show has not protrayed it properly. Till now, many of the critics claimed Cigarette Girl has not been historically inaccurate. But after one season, things are really looking for the creators as the fans are ready for another season. Since many of you might be wondering, let me address it – what might be Cigarette Girl Season 2 release date? Did the studio renew it? As of now, Netflix has not renewed the series. There is no official update on Cigarette Girl Season 2 release date.

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Cigarette Girl: Story Of A Revolutionary Artisan

If you have already watched Cigarette Girl, then you know about the story very well. But if you are yet to watcht his series, please do not worry since in this article, we are going to talk about the series. Now that you are reading this, I hope you have understood the backgrounds in what this drama is set on. Cigarette Girl takes us back to the times when cottage industry was on the verge of development in Indonesia. We get to watch how the Indonesian cigarette industry was coming up in the 1960s. 

The first season of Cigarette Girl starts with the life of a girl who is trying her best to break taboos. She is trying to come into the cigarette making industry of Indonesia but society is standing in her way. Cigarette Girl revolves around our main character Dasiyah who will be working inside the nicotine stamped industry. During that period, society and people never thought about women to be out there working jobs. In fact, the country’s traditional rules also did not allow any girl to work in the cigarette industry, but Desiyah tries to break it. In the long run, Desiyah suceeds in that too.

Desiyah is one of the best workers – she understands how to craft the best kretek cigarette. She knows about the perfect blend of clove and nicotine. But the series never talks about how bad cigarette smoking is bad for health. Instead, Cigarette Girl takes us through a journey like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Except here, it’s all nicotines, paper rolls and spices instead of being chocolates. In the middle of all these, there is a romance story that starts to develop. Both Desiyah and her partner start to fall for each other – if only the series showed their relationship from the start, it would have been better.

The Crew Behind This Series And Official Watching Platform 

Dian Sastrowardoyo leads the series as Desiyah, our Cigarette Girl. Other notable cast members include Putri Marino, Ibnu Jamil, Ario Bayu, Sheila Dara Aisha, Nungki Kusumastuti, Verdi Solaiman, Pritt Timothy, Tissa Biani, Ine Febriyanti, Arya Saloka, Dimas Aditya, Winky Wiryawan, and Tutie Kirana. This series is actually taken from Cigarette Girl novel written by Ratih Kumala. Unless Cigarette Girl Season 2 release date is officially getting announced, you will have to hold on. If you want to watch all the episodes of Cigarette Girl Season 1, please go to Netflix.

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